The best natural pools in Madrid

The best natural pools in Madrid


Summer is coming and it is time to relax, vacation and warm, very hot. Any excuse is good to take our  camper and head to cooler places or at least that give us a good dip.

Madrid, pure asphalt, high temperatures and a fair sun ... it does not seem a very attractive destination for the summer if what we want is to cool off ... However, in less than an hour, we can find almost paradisiacal places, green areas with natural pools where take refuge from the 40 degrees in the shade.



Rascafría is an ideal place to visit both in winter and in summer, but since what concerns us now are summer plans, here we will find La Isla, one of the best places to disconnect and refresh within the Community of Madrid.

The Island is an enclave belonging to Rascafría, surrounded by a beautiful pine forest and where one of the best natural pools in the Community is located.

The pool is very close to the waterfall of the Pradillo dam, which fed the old Rascafría light factory,  so the temperature is always cool. If we want to go hiking, the route to Arroyo de la Angostura or to the Mirador de los Robledos are two spectacular landscapes.



Also in the municipality of Rascafría are Las Presillas, another perfect place to take refuge from the summer heat. The natural pools of the El Paular Valley use the course of the Lozoya River and there are three. Getting there from Madrid is simple and in less than an hour, the landscape changes completely.

Wide grassy meadows, picnic area and incredible views with the mountains and Pico Peñalara in the background.


This natural pool is in the municipality of Estremera. An ideal excursion to bathe in the waters of the Tagus and, incidentally, enjoy the recreational areas with picnic areas and picnic benches.

It is one of the lesser known natural pools in the Community of Madrid and, therefore, where you can enjoy much more privacy and tranquility than in the previous ones.

To get there you just have to take the A3 and exit at exit 68 towards Estremera.


60 kilometers from Madrid, in the Sierra de Gredos. The area where you can bathe is between the municipalities of Pelayos de la Presa and Aldea de Fresno. With a capacity of 15 hectares per cubic meter, it is one of the largest places where you can enjoy water near Madrid. It is very close to the San Juan Swamp and is a good alternative if the swamp is too crowded. It is equipped with picnic areas and picnic areas where you can spend a pleasant day, just taking care of bathing, sunbathing and having a snack. From here there is a greenway on the old railroad tracks perfect for hiking.

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