Summer is coming and the hottest days in  the peninsula, but fortunately there are means to combat it. And we are not referring only to conventional air conditioning equipment, but we also have a series of ecological coolers with other advantages when it comes to controlling the humidity of the environment and that work in perfect conjunction with the vehicle's air conditioning system.

The Viesa Holiday III is an ecological cooler that combines the best of air conditioning and "natural". It is a good system for our body (especially for people with respiratory problems, children or the elderly), our pockets and also for the planet.  In other words, a multipurpose solution that  has many followers.

The apparatus  It has been initially conceived for industrial use, due to its quality and advantages of its use it has ended up being extended to other disciplines, from motorhome interiors to other types of environments such as work cabins or  road machines.

In the case of motorhomes,  It consists of an evaporation system connected directly to the vehicle's water system that, even with the engine switched off, can continue to help reduce the temperature of the passenger compartment. It only consumes water through a 12 V power system, and therefore it is really economical, ecological and also healthy.

Its autonomy is superior and the type of cold it generates does not dry out the environment like air conditioning, facilitating rest and creating a safer and more natural fresh environment. The system is particularly quiet and lightweight (10% more than previous generations of the same product).

In Comercial Caravaning We carry out its installation and it is now in its third generation, and it is for something. It has controls that facilitate its use inside our camper vehicle and an elegant upholstery with four optional LED lights so that it even contributes to creating a pleasant interior environment and in relation to the furniture of our vehicle.

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