Increasingly demanding European anti-pollution standards are forcing manufacturers to look for ways to make bodies that are lighter and cost less fuel. Speed and weight are factors that directly influence the consumption of any vehicle.

But there is a basic element in our vehicle, aesthetics. After many trips, adventures and some calamity, there is always something to repair in our body.  In COMMERCIAL CARAVANING   there is a team  who is willing to leave our vehicle like new.

Rafa and his team are the new alchemists who    they disassemble, putty, sand, polish,  they place, reposition, plaster, protect, whistle or lacquer. A whole collection of trades and the mastery of knowing your trade well   They're available  to leave our  motorhome like new.

In the sector, materials are constantly changing.  The steel  and other commonly used iron alloys are now incorporated in a self-supporting manner, so that the chassis supports the body structure and the body structure, in turn, supports and reinforces the chassis. A remarkable display of technology to give rigidity and durability to the set.

It must be taken into account that iron is heavy, it is easier to oxidize and it is necessary to make an alloy with other materials to reinforce it. However, it is quite resistant and there is great technology to mix it especially with carbon, greatly improving its properties. It is the main material in the construction of bodywork still today because it is highly resistant and ductile, and also cheaper than others. Corrosion shouldn't be a problem if we take proper care of the vehicle.

Basically, there are three materials  to work in this workshop. Sheet metal, fiber and aluminum.

Aluminum campervans have multiple advantages. It is a material that allows the incorporation of zones of programmed deformation, which makes them safer in the event of a crash. Motorhomes and caravans are not exactly light vehicles, and that damages their qualities on the road.

Clearly, if we opt for one of these vehicles we will not use it for rallying, but even so, a plus in safety and dynamism behind the wheel as a result of that 40% less weight in the body will never hurt us, at least to get some pleasure on the road. with the driving of our vehicle.

The handicap of aluminum is that possible repairs are somewhat more expensive  and it is also somewhat more fragile, although in return it is still easy to recycle.

Fiberglass is another option that stands out from the usual choice of steel. The compound used in the industry for the construction of vehicles provides numerous advantages: it is a resistant material with a remarkable lightness, which has an impact on consumption, efficiency and agility on the road.

It has a great mechanical resistance (superior to steel) and a resistance to corrosion and other external agents that can deteriorate a vehicle over time. It offers a high level of shock absorption without deforming, and because it is very easy to mold, it allows personal and more original designs.

In addition, its high resistance to abrasion and its strong insulating capacity make it ideal for camperized vehicles, designed or thought to live indoors. By retaining heat, we will use less heat.

And finally there is the sheet. This type is the most used in camper vans, since they are vehicles that come from industrial vehicles.

They are possibly the most practical to work with,  for a sheet metal worker. Personalization with new painting techniques  or with exterior vinyls  it is extremely attractive. 

Cleanliness is health. Therefore, in addition to trying not to damage the paint and damage the sheet metal (especially when parking next to other vehicles), trying to do proper maintenance and not letting damage to the sheet accumulate is essential. .

We can renew the paint for a not exorbitant price, making sure to personalize our vehicle and bring it even closer to our tastes. A striking color that catches the eye can do a lot for the aesthetics of our camper.

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