How easy it is to rhyme with the word love. Passion, emotion, pain, or motor…. It seems that everything works when some very important dates are approaching.

February, despite the rigors of winter, has a date marked in super red... Valentine's Day.  The 14th of February  It is a day of hugs, forgiveness and some tears. For better or worse,  passion needs fuel  and a gift helps a lot.


1. Good trekking shoes mean that we think about the road. The Salomon XA Pro V8 are not cheap, there are many colors to choose from and they give an excellent result. Walking in the mountains at any time of the day has never been so comfortable thanks to its snug fit and a resistant sole. The quicklace system allows us to adjust the shoe without too much effort on the fly.

2. It is equally important to create a welcoming environment at home, which just so happens,  which is our motorhome. The  Miulee brand cushions adapt to all our travel needs, they offer different shapes and covers. It is impossible not to find one that allows us to be a little more comfortable. Mason du Monde  is a good place to find  something to help us create a home. What's more  hundreds of them are in commercial places where it is easy to park with our vehicles.  Some even use it as an overnight area.

3. A good caravanist knows that things like a good shovel or an ice or mud scraper can save his life. And so enjoy the cuteness of items like this collapsible shovel that looks like a formidable war accessory. A cheap, economical, resistant gift... and essential.


4. Having an additional outside shower goes beyond fancy. Depending on our vehicle it may be a necessity. But whatever a private, collapsible and economical tent is, it is an accessory that will make caravanists salivate: this is like an additional space that also serves to store things once camped. A fun option that makes camper life very pleasant in summer.

5. At Comercial Caravaning we help you order cases and things.

A motorhome garage can be a perfect haven for ideas and needs. Camper life, away from the madding crowd, allows us to lie down and enjoy reading in silence. That is why having a small but good library  On-board digital is always a plus.

Here it doesn't matter what you read: either the Carmen Mola trilogy, one of your favorite best-selling writers, or a comic. And if you don't try a manual of life or camper routes, for that matter of having a good encyclopedia at home.


6-.How about a thermos of coffee? After all, it is a precious and essential liquid. If we go out on an excursion we will also want to take a coffee as freshly made in this excellent stainless steel thermos that would resist even a bombardment. Dometic knows how to get things done.


7. A lithium battery may not have the glamor of a tuxedo or a new dress, but it sounds like poetry to a van driver to have easy, green and easily rechargeable energy that will solve many circumstances once we are on the road.

This auxiliary device gives us peace of mind and opens up a small world of possibilities when it comes to charging our mobile devices that can be recharged either through the cigarette lighter or by a small solar panel.   A common purchase is the best link.

lithium battery

8. An original gift is this portable bag washing machine, which allows us to wash our clothes (up to one and a half kilos of clothes) with only three liters of water. It is easy to store because it takes up little space and weighs less, and saves a lot of money and time in laundry. It also serves as a dryer and a waterproof bag for wet clothes.

9. A camper backpack is another perfect gift for van drivers and caravan drivers. And almost for any other person, since objects such as the backpack  of the Deuter brand is a guarantee of resistance.  Its materials are of the highest quality, it has cleverly thought-out holes and dividers and, in addition, it is light and easy to store. Some of your sleeping bags are also a good idea.

10. An awning for our next trip is much more than a gift. It is an investment that the gift giver may enjoy so much that it may seem like a self-serving gift.  Fiamm's are always a guarantee and at Comercial Caravaning we install them quickly and reliably.

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