The new range of motorhomes from Erwin Hymer Group combines the charm and design of Italian Tuscany (from the Laika factory) with all the reliability and German technology provided by the Hymer Group itself. Modern style, maximum comfort and fantastic value for money… we show you all the characteristics of one of the most requested models, the T 6900 DB.

ETRUSCO EXTERIOR MOTORHOME  Next we will see in detail the most remarkable characteristics of this new motorhome. From its external sports line to its maximum comfort available to round off this model.

The new Etrusco T6900DB comes with furniture in Australian Wall Nut finish. It is very similar to Walnut and contrasts with white lacquers and chrome handles. On the floor it includes a simile wood called Hamilton Print, in light tones. With regard to the upholstery, it offers two models to choose from, a Tuscany finish with raw and gray colors, and a Provence finish with brown and beige tones.



Outwardly we find a very sporty motorhome in which the front grille in glossy black dazzles and the brand logo standing out in the center of it. The lines of the upper part of the cabin together with the vinyls accentuate this sportiness. Optionally we can put the icing on the sportiness with the optional comfort pack, which includes 16 ″ aluminum wheels (16 ″ steel wheels as standard), and LED daytime running lights.


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Etrusco presents a motorhome with contained measures. It is a motorhome only 6.99 meters long with German construction standards. The side panels are 34 mm thick (41 mm on the floor) with smooth aluminum sheet (which prevents the sun from yellowing the fiber over time). It includes a roof reinforcement and a rear wall constructed from GFK fiberglass.

This vehicle is bodied on a lowered Fiat Ducato chassis with a widened rear track, with a proven 130 hp Euro 6 Multijet 2.3 engine (150 hp and 180 hp optional), which provides us with a comfortable and reliable drive. As for the cargo area, the T6900DB gives us a great garage, as it is a transverse bed distribution, it is very spacious and has been very well finished with various shelves.

[box type = »bio»] ONLY 6.99 METERS LONG [/ box]


In the interior of the vehicle is where Etrusco shows his best weapons. Including all the "pluses" that we claim in a motorhome of this range. Etrusco must honor the new Laika factory in Florence. Combine German reliability with Italian design. Etruscan, Solid and beautiful!

The distribution proposed in this model is one of the most requested by caravan lovers. It has a double transverse bed in the back area, along with a spacious bathroom with a separate shower. The bathroom door itself can close at the entrance to turn the room into a "suite". Continuing towards the cabin, we find the kitchen area that includes 3 burners on the hob with anti-splash cover and sink with cover. In front of the kitchen we find the two-door refrigerator of 167 L. Finally we have the living room with a double tilting bed and the cabin with upholstered seats to match the living room.


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Comments (7)

Jose Antonio Lopez

I am interested in the integral 6'90 island bed
Can you tell me what chassis and engine it is mounted on.
And the price with taxes


I bought the t7400sb but it is not Fiat, it is citroen, could you tell me why, thanks

Comercial Caravaning

Good afternoon,

I understand that this question should have been resolved by your trusted dealer, but we are here to help in any way possible. Etrusco factory both on Fiat chassis and on Citroën chassis in some models to be able to lose a little weight (as is the case with the 7400 SB) and to be able to put even the approved 5th place.

Thanks a lot.

a greeting


I really like this T6900 DB model. I am looking at many brands and another option is the Benimar Mileo 242. The Etrusco I see very compact and well finished. I would like to know the measurements of the garage door to know if my scooter fits.
Thanks a lot.

Comercial Caravaning

Good morning Javier,

Right now we don't have any in stock, but new models will arrive in September, so we can give you the requested information.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks a lot

a greeting


It has central locking with remote control ???

Comercial Caravaning

Good afternoon Agustín,

The new Etrusco does not have this accessory as standard but there would be no problem putting it on.

Thanks a lot.

We are 25 years old!

We are 25 years old!

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Carlos Lopez Prieto
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