The best gifts for motorhomes and get it right!

Christmas is here!

First of all, happy holidays to you who are reading this. And happy 2018! what is to come. Although we publish this article on April Fools Day, we do not want you to take us as a joke, that our advice is serious.

There is less left to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. We know that it is difficult and that many times it becomes an eternal search. In the end, with a scarf, a perfume or a belt you know that you are sure to be right, but without risking much. We are not experts in gifts, but what we do know is talking about caravans, accessories for them and everything that surrounds the world of caravans. Therefore, in this article we talk about the perfect gifts for a fan of motorhomes and know that you will be right for sure.

The best gifts for motorhomes

1. Subscription to Spain Discovery

To begin with, we propose a gift that we consider essential for any caravan madman: an authentic guide, but not just any one. The Spain Discovery is a special guide for motorhomes that has GPS coordinates and addresses of people (usually farmers, local producers, etc.) who They can host the motorhome on their land, without charging you anything. In addition, there are also many options of places where you can park or spend the night, and these are really curious and different places. All a detail that will thank you for sure.

2. Wheel kit

This supplement is essential to ensure safety when driving and to be able to repair a tire if there is a puncture while driving. East wheel kit It contains repair fluid for punctures, a hydraulic jack, a 12v impact gun to remove the nuts and a 12v electric inflation cylinder.

3. A portable barbecue

Ideal for lovers of barbecues and barbecues. A portable barbecue is ideal for organizing a feast when you are traveling. In addition, it takes up very little space, which is essential in a motorhome. They are easily cleaned and are the ideal complement to make friends at the campsite and enjoy a holiday like royalty. Surely he thanks you and, hopefully, he even invites you to use it on the next trip!

4. Breakfast kit

This gift is perfect to save space and, not only for that, but also for prepare delicious breakfasts. It is a kit that includes a coffee maker, iron and oven, so you can cook whatever you want. There are many different types of kit, so you can find the one you like the most.

5. A travel pillow

How many hours do the caravans spend in the car? Imagine them. The driver cannot take a nap, but the co-pilot and other colleagues in the caravan can. A travel pillow is an essential product that should always be carried in a car, caravan or motorhome. In this way, you ensure a greater comfort and safety (avoid neck injuries from bad posture) during long trips. A great success!

6. Rear view camera kit

When driving a motorhome it is not seen through the central rear view mirror, so this rear view camera kit can be very useful, both for driving on the road and ensuring greater safety, and for parking in a more comfortable way. 

7. Air conditioning installed

It is a gift with a higher price, but surely it is very appreciated to have air conditioning in the motorhome, especially on very hot summer days. Motorhome trips are usually long, and being too hot inside can be dangerous. It is important that the driver travels at an optimal temperature, so if you have a little more investment available, it is an ideal gift for that family member who is so hot in his portable home.

8. A map

Yes, a map, but not just any one. You can get a sticker with a map (of Spain, Europe ...) and stick it on the motorhome. So they can go coloring all the areas that are visited. It really is a very original idea.

9. Other accessories

If your friend or family member is just starting out, it is likely that they are missing some basic accessories in the caravan such as towels, plastic cutlery, his logbook ... If you still feel a bit lost or disoriented, try asking him directly: he can surely guide you on what he needs or what not.

We hope that all these gift ideas have been useful to you and that you decide to buy some of these details from that motorhome that you love so much, surely he will be amazed and he will be passionate about your gift!

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We are 25 years old!

We are 25 years old!

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Carlos Lopez Prieto
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