We are 25 years old!

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Hello caravaners! Today we have a special article that makes us very excited:



That's right, we've been fighting mobile homes for a quarter of a century on four wheels and this must be celebrated. How? With special promotions and camper discounts for campers.

From today Thursday until next Sunday June 24 we have prepared some Open Doors Days in our facilities to which you are all invited. During these days our largest exhibition of vehicles will be available so you can 'gossip' about the caravans, motorhomes and campers that we have. In addition, we will all work to give you personalized attention: technicians, administration, management ...

But beware, the thing is not here! He Saturday 23 June we will have barbecue for everyone, drinks, discounts in the store, discounts in the workshop and discounts on vehicles!

As the reason for the party is that we are turning 25, all the discounts you see on Saturday will be kept for 25 more days. So if something doesn't convince you on Saturday and you want to think about it, remember that You have 25 days to enjoy the promotion.

Last, and most important of all:


Do not hesitate to visit Comercial Caravaning during the four days, but especially on Saturday. We will spend a fantastic family day where we can enjoy our passion for the world of caravanning.

Are you going to let them tell you? Visit us! We remind you of our address: Avenida San Martín de Valdeiglesias nº1 in Alcorcón, Madrid. Also take a look at the video, it is not wasted!

We wait for you!

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The entity called COMERCIAL CARAVANING GESTION SL (hereinafter, "Comercial Caravaning"), with address in Alcorcón, Avenida San Martín de Valdeiglesias 1, 28922 and CIF nº B-80579667, has decided to carry out this promotion (hereinafter the "Draw" ) through various channels in order to promote its products and services, all in accordance with the provisions of these legal bases (hereinafter, the "Bases").

The draw will be regulated by these Terms and Conditions, which are available to all interested parties for easy and totally free access on the website http://comercialcaravaning.seryson.es.


Only individuals residing in Spain may participate in the draw. Likewise, the temporal scope of the same (hereinafter, the “Temporary Scope”) is from June 15, 2018 to December 21, 2018.

The draw will be held on December 22, it will be the "Christmas Lottery" draw carried out by LOTERIAS Y APUESTAS DEL ESTADO, and the last four figures of the first prize of "Christmas Lottery" will be taken as reference.


Only individuals of legal age residing in Spanish territory may participate in the draw. (hereinafter, the "Participants"). Participation in the raffle implies buying at least one of the 10,000 numbers of the checkbooks that will be put on sale, hereinafter "Ballot" with a cost of € 5 including VAT for participants. The number of Ballots per Participant will not be limited, other than the availability of the numbers that are available at the time of acquisition.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, they may not have the status of Participants nor, therefore, be awarded:

  1. The employees of the Comercial Caravaning;
  2. Employees of associated companies, advertising agencies or promotion agencies or other companies that are involved in any way in The Promotion.
  3. Direct relatives (parents, siblings and children) of the people included in points 1 and 2 above; and
  4. The spouses of all the persons included in points 1, 2 and 3 above;
  5. Those people who, according to the free criteria of Comercial Caravaning, are voluntarily or involuntarily harming the development of the Promotion.
  6. Participants who make acts or comments in any medium that are unpleasant and are directed at the Promotion, other Participants, Comercial Caravaning, its employees or any of its collaborators.

In the event that a prize is awarded to any of the persons listed in sections 1 to 6 above, said prize will be automatically denied, and must be returned to Comercial Caravaning within 15 days of being requested, for any means, to the unduly awarded Participant, who will bear all the costs and expenses that may arise from the return.

In the event that the unduly awarded Participant does not return the prize within the period indicated in the preceding paragraph, Comercial Caravaning will have no other option than to exercise all the legal actions that in Law assist it to obtain the legitimate restitution of the prize, being on behalf of the Participant unduly awarded all the costs and expenses that may accrue from the legal proceedings that Comercial Caravaning initiates in accordance with the provisions of this section.


The draw will not be held by Comercial Caravaning, but will take part in the "Christmas Lottery" draw that will be held by LOTERIAS Y BETTING THE STATE on December 22, 2018.

The draw will be held among all participants who meet the conditions established in these Rules.


As mentioned in previous points, the number of the first prize of the Christmas Lottery of December 22, 2018 will be taken.

Comercial Caravaning will make available to the Participants up to 10,000 ballots, each one with a different and correlative number from 00001 to 10000 at a cost of € 5 VAT included per Ballot.

The winner of the draw, hereinafter "The Graceful" will be the participant who acquires a ballot, which matches in its last 4 numbers with the last four numbers of the first prize of the Christmas Lottery of December 22, 2018. In turn The Graceful must comply with everything established in the previous sections.

A new Sterckeman Starlett 470 PE Caravan will be raffled, hereinafter "The Prize".

Ballots will not be nominative. Comercial Caravaning reserves the right to modify the Prize at its full and sole will without this granting the Participants the right to make any type of claim against the first one.


As they are not nominative Ballots, the Graceful person must appear at the address cited in section 1 of Comercial Caravaning, that is, at its facilities to claim the prize with the Graceful Ballot, in case of not having the Graceful Ballot at any time this Participant may be considered as The Graceful.

The Graceful has 30 business days from the celebration of the Christmas lottery draw on December 22, 2018.

In case of not receiving the acceptance by the winners in said period, it will be understood that they renounce them and the prize will be void.

In the event that the Graceful Ballot is not sold, the Prize will be void.


The awards will be delivered at the address cited in section 1 of Comercial Caravaning, that is, at its facilities.

For the delivery of the Prize, all taxes must have been paid by the recipient. If, once the taxes have been requested by Comercial Caravaning, the winner does not pay them within a period of 3 months, it will be considered that they have rejected the Prize and it will be void. In no case will the Prize be registered in the name of the recipient if the taxes have not been paid previously.

The time from the claim of the Prize to its delivery will not exceed 12 months, taking into account that the Prize may not be in Stock and may be requested from the factory, this period may be exceeded as long as delays are due outside of Commercial Caravaning. This period will be extended if the recipient has not paid the corresponding taxes.


The mere fact of participating in the draw will imply the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions without reservation of any kind.

In the event that any of the Participants expresses their refusal to accept these Bases, or they partially accept them, they will be excluded from them, leaving Comercial Caravaning totally released from the fulfillment of any obligations contracted with said Participant. Comercial Caravaning, in case of divergence with the Participants, reserves the right to interpret these Terms and Conditions at all times.

  1. The Prize awarded may not be exchanged for its cash value or for any equivalent in products or services.
  2. Comercial Caravaning reserves the right to make any changes and to suspend or extend the Promotion.
  3. Comercial Caravaning reserves the right to cancel the draw at any time without granting said cancellation any type of right to claim in favor of the Participants.


To the prizes that are delivered within the framework of the Promotions, Law 35/2006, of November 28, on the Income Tax of Physical Persons and other concordant provisions will be applicable, so that, where appropriate, As required by current regulations, Comercial Caravaning will be responsible for making the payment on account or the practice of withholding from the Personal Income Tax (hereinafter, “IRPF”).

In this sense, in accordance with the provisions of Article 101.7 of Law 35/2006, of November 28, on Personal Income Tax and Article 75.3.f) of the Regulations for the development of that Law, Comercial Caravaning must practice the appropriate retention or deposit on account regarding the prize, so that the retention base is equivalent to the amount of the Prize.

The prizes that are awarded will, however, be considered capital gains not generated by the transfer of assets, so they must be taken into account when making the personal income tax return.

Failure to enjoy the award by the winning participant will not exempt him from computing its value as capital gains not generated by the transfer of equity elements for the purposes of his personal income tax return.

Comercial Caravaning will in no case be responsible for the incorrect tax declaration that the winner of the prize may make for this purpose.


Ballots are not nominative, so no personal data will be collected other than Del Agraciado if the award is not void.


The interpretation and compliance with these Bases will be governed by Spanish legislation. The Courts and Tribunals of Alcorcón will be competent to hear the litigation that may arise as a result of this Draw.

Alcorcón, June 15, 2018

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Comercial Caravaning

Good afternoon,

To buy tickets send us an email to info@comercialcaravaning.seryson.es

Thanks a lot.


How can I buy tickets for the caravan raffle? Thank you.

Paco Rios

Hello, is it possible to buy tickets without physically going to the store? Thank you

Comercial Caravaning

Good afternoon,

Of course you can buy them, contact us by email: info@comercialcaravaning.seryson.es

Thanks a lot.

Manuel Rios

Where are the raffle tickets bought?

Comercial Caravaning

Good afternoon,

To buy tickets send us an email to info@comercialcaravaning.seryson.es

Thanks a lot.

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