Tips to beat the heat in your motorhome

Summer is coming and with it the long-awaited and desired vacations. But also the heat, and unless we go with our vehicle to an area where it cools, it is likely that we will have to apply some of these tips to avoid bad living inside the cabin.

Of course, where we park can be of the utmost importance. Looking for a shade can make life easier and the consumption of electricity, and if we are active enough and there is a possibility of it, it can also be valid to look for it with our vehicle and change our parking space.

Many of the things that we can do to avoid excessive heat in the cabin are not too different from those that we put into practice at home. Close doors and windows, be careful to open them when the wind blows or cool, unfold the awnings if we are standing in a place authorized to do so, and make use of the different devices of the vehicle to cool the interior (or have of air conditioners or fans to offset your expense).

We can resort to "manual" solutions. Covering with a tarp part of the vehicle, the part most exposed to heat, can prevent it from spreading over the entire surface. Also refresh the surroundings of our van with a little water, to cool the environment somewhat. Taking advantage of the cooler hours to ventilate the interior will help prolong the good sensations.

Of course, and apart from avoiding sunlight, we can try to do activities that refresh us. And do not fall into the temptation to cook in the hottest hours, increasing the heat in the kitchen. It is also advisable to let the vehicle's engine cool down before going to sleep.

We start from the basis that our vehicle is properly isolated from the outside. In any case, having insulation on the windows that prevent all the heat from entering can be useful in all cases. There are outdoor and indoor and are bought by the meter. Buying fresh cotton clothes and sheets will add an extra point of comfort to our summer experience (if not, try putting a hot water bottle filled with cold water on the bed). Take advantage of the vehicle's solar panels with a solar fan, too. There are, however, analog solutions such as having a bowl of ice pointed at the windows in front of the fan to help cool the environment.

A cool shower will help you lower the temperature, and staying well hydrated is recommended in all circumstances. But when the time comes to sleep and the heat strikes, it is obvious that we will have to resort to fans or the vehicle's air conditioning systems, which luckily come better equipped. The Airvent are grid-like devices that are placed on the windows help to ventilate  and prevent condensation. However, the skylights will help us if we prefer not to spend.

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