The Three Wise Men are coming and the caravanists also have the right to make their wish and have their gift. For the most undecided, we present three options, one for King Wizard, which will surely make your life easier. Put in the letter that you like COMMERCIAL CARAVANING and surely your wishes will be granted.


1. Lithium batteries


Melchor is used to spending long periods away from home with his camel. And he knows that conserving and retaining energy comes first, because outside we can be subject to all kinds of eventualities.


Having a lithium battery that complements the system of our motorhome can mean the difference between staying on site or prolonging our leisure schedule. A good installation is a long-term investment that will give us many energetic emotions.


In addition, lithium batteries are safer, have a very long lifespan and work in the most demanding conditions. They are also systems that avoid storage failures or overloads. A perfect gift, which we do not deserve.



2. Camera system



Once under way, and Gaspar knows this well, safety comes first. But the motorhome, after all an extension of our home, is full of properties and possessions that are worth protecting wherever we go, in addition to the vehicle itself. To stop the friends of others and also avoid other unforeseen events, it is necessary to have a good surveillance camera system that will deter thieves when we are not around our RV.

Thefts, raids, vandalism are the order of the day in many places where we go to land. Install a portable and wireless model, which is activated by motion detection and sends an instant alert to our phone. Well, the authorities can solve our vacations. At COMERCIAL CARAVANING we know about safety and our workshop is a factory of ideas.



3. A review of painting.


Baltasar could also grant us the ultimate gift, one that seems only aesthetic, but is much more. A review of the bodywork is almost a new life for our caravan.


Because it is important to look good, a good review of the paint and sheet metal of our recreational vehicle can turn it into a different device... and us into proud owners of your motorhome. In these camper vehicles, the circumstance can arise that the vehicle is made up of different materials: the traditional sheet metal or fiberglass, perhaps aluminum, and definitely other types of plastics that give the interior the appropriate shape. Each one requires its processes and therefore resort to an official and guaranteed workshop, which is well versed in each of them.


Keep in mind that color defines the entire aesthetic line of our vehicle. Our professionals know about painting and will leave the vehicle like new. Calculating the exact dose and formula of color in each vehicle, in each corner, using products endorsed by the best brands is not easy. Beauty is a gift.

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Maria Paula del Prado

Everyone at some point in life should experience the camping life.



Javier Iglesias
Javier Iglesias
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