The best insurance for motorhomes.


The best motorhome insurance

What will motorhomes have that many already have or want to get one. It will be the freedom, the light travel and the comfort offered by comfortably moving your house on four wheels, being able to direct it to almost any coordinate on the globe.  In Commercial Caravaning  we know  advise you on the needs of your vehicle, although the last decision will always be made by the owner

And as everything in this life has a price, insuring it was not going to be less. In addition to the fact that taking out insurance is mandatory to be able to be an explorer on the back of it. We just have to play our cards right. How to do it?

Specific motorhome insurance, why yes?

Although it may be thought that a common vehicle policy is enough, in the long run this will not be the best option. Motorhomes have unique characteristics, and this, added to the exposure to external factors, makes them require custom insurance.

Guess the reader that the more coverage, the more protection during your trips and less contingencies? To get it right, personal needs must be thoroughly studied.  A good insurer can guide us  with precision and analyzing the costs.

Ok, specific motorhome insurance yes.   But… What types of insurance exist?

There are as many as there are insurers. For each package of needs we will find different specific insurances adapted to camper vans, integral ones, nasturtiums... To simplify the search, here are the three most common:

  • third party insurance

The basic policy for the contracting party that will cover civil liability, and will include the driver's accident insurance and travel assistance, although it can be extended against theft or natural phenomena,  for example.

  • Comprehensive insurance

With it, the traveler covers the points listed above plus the damages that the vehicle may suffer, including the interior. Some insurers offer a guarantee for the material inside the motorhome as well as the expenses in case of withdrawal of the driver's license and the resources to recover it.

The extra of the Cargo Civil Liability deserves to be mentioned, destined to cover the damages if the material inside becomes detached,  as well as the external elements transported, such as a bicycle in the rear.

  • All risk insurance with excess or without excess

The difference between the first and the second lies in the pre-established economic amount that the owner must pay in the event of an accident. If the traveler takes out insurance with an excess of 700, and the value of the claim adds up to 1,500, he will pay the 700 agreed upon and the insurer the remaining amount. And so on, as long as the insurance is returned.

Prices, comparisons and the best option

The answer is not clear. As there are so many possibilities, the perfect option will depend on each case since they are even safe for days that allow up to a maximum of 28, and that are the ideal option for temporary use. And as for the price? Until studying the personal necessities it will not be possible to be known. And regarding insurers, and although the list is also very extensive, the most recognized by experts are Mapfre, Allianz, Direct line or fiatc.  A good insurance broker or our salesperson can always be the best adviser.

Long live our motorhomes and caravans!

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