Although winter is still very mild, when the cold arrives, it is here to stay. And it may not be forever in the end, but the long winter  can be very long.

At the wheel of a vehicle with special dimensions such as our motorhomes, we can find ourselves in complicated situations due to low temperatures or other elements associated with winter weather: fog, rain, snow... also the night, which in this month is still  great durations.

The excess of animals in the vicinity of the roads is an obvious danger. Obviously, the combination of all these factors can be fatal but, fortunately, there are ways to reduce the danger and that everything is less than a scare.

Many such problems occur in this month because in February. The cruel winter reaches its culmination to begin to decline, but it is a time in which, due to various circumstances, animal behaviors and behaviors occur that could require extra care so that they do not lead to a traffic accident. The beginning of the thaw or the lack of grasses in height  It forces many mammals to seek shelter and food in areas close to towns and consequently in areas close to highways and parking areas.  Claims caused by animals have increased in 2021 by no less than 25% compared to the previous year.

After the pandemic, despite high fuel prices,  the traffic increases and the secondary animals and the secondary roads get along rather badly again. In the most twisted and ancient layouts is where most of the mishaps occur. And in the month of February, when more dogs are abandoned due to the end of the hunting season, the abuse of these animals skyrockets. Campers and motorhomes   they are not the best vehicles for dodges  possible surprises on the road.

With cats, another domestic animal, another circumstance occurs: these small felines take refuge under the wheels of the car or under the engine at night, to protect themselves from the cold. It may be enough to hit the hood a few times to cause it to flee and start the trip safely, for the animal and for us.

Undoubtedly  with larger animals, the problems increase.  Luckily sheep and cattle are increasingly stabled. Wild animals can also be a problem, especially at night.  Still, on icy or shady roads, salt or products that attract animals are spread as if they were a treat. This much-needed measure can cause the effect called for goats, horses, cows, deer... that come to lick this substance from the asphalt.

Therefore, in times of snow and frost, extreme caution must be exercised on this side. If it is night, wild boars are the cause of the 43% accidents with animals: at this time they frequently cross the roads, and they also do so in groups, so if we see one there are probably several in the vicinity. At dusk and dawn, if we come across an animal, it is most likely to be a roe deer, especially in wooded areas that cross the road without stopping with our lights. 

The way to avoid tragedies is to increase our caution at night, increasing the safety distance and slowing down, in addition to taking care of the lights and windshield wipers of our vehicle. It is worth observing the sides of the road, where the animals come from, and very important: turn off the high beams if we see an animal so as not to dazzle and paralyze it. The same thing happens with the horn, which scares him and generates unexpected reactions. Driving patiently often increases our safety burden.

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Javier Iglesias
Javier Iglesias
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