TÖRR, The power of a great idea.


With such a name we can only stand before a great toilet.

This is a perfect WC for all types of caravanners, whether they are embarking on a journey of initiation or veterans, alone or with the family. It is, after all, a product that adapts perfectly to most vehicles  and that gives a definitive solution to WC waste problems. At Comercial Caravaning we have a  toilet model that promotes caravanning and camper life: freedom, autonomy and comfort. If we add to this a reasonable price, we have almost everything.

This sector allows you to diversify options and accessories, which shows that caravaning is more than just a trend. One of the most unpleasant operations for everyone is to evacuate the waste from the gray and black water tanks of the vehicle, but with elements like Törr -which does not require replacing the Thetford toilet- things get easier and easier. You just have to make a little adaptation.

Its design allows waste to be disposed of through bags that are later thrown into the conventional organic waste container, without the need to look for a motorhome area or a campsite. The bag then go to any brown or gray container that we find.

This, apart from comfort, has all kinds of advantages. It is more ecological, something that also coincides with the uses and customs of the camper. the purists  They will appreciate the space saving, since it allows waste to be disposed of in compostable or recycled bags that later become compost (brown container), which is therefore reused.

The advantages, however, do not only go with ecology. This toilet allows an environment without odors since the tank that contains the bag is designed to absorb them. The automatic system of the Torr extracts the odors also during use, which will make us want this toilet not only in our motorhome, but almost everywhere.  small spaces with little air renewal, such as cabins and mountain shelters, or for boats and boats.

Indeed, all this makes it an ideal accessory for our vacations, be it a weekend or a month in the mountains. Our health is protected because its creators have provided it with a system automatic toilet bowl disinfection. Because not everything is comfort but security.

Finally, the Torr system is easy to clean and easy to mount on our vehicle. There is no need to wash the Thetford waste tank and, secondly, when assembling it, it adapts to the conventional WC, so there is no need to do any work or damage to incorporate it.

At Comercial Caravaning we advise you and   We advise on the process of installation or modification that you need... 

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