Motorhome route through Toledo


Motorhome route through Toledo

The province of Toledo is an excellent place to exploit the virtues of camper tourism. But not only in the big city but also in its small but outstanding towns, those that allow us to delve into the Castilian-Manchegan identity, explore its valleys, viewpoints and peculiar orography.




Consuegra sums up all the Castilian charm in its cobbled streets with a medieval air. Its extensive historical trajectory since Roman times has given the town an interesting and rich artistic legacy that is worth discovering. That is why its lands are dotted here and there with Roman remains with the old dam, the circus or the aqueduct of Consuegra, which by the way exceeds that of Segovia in length.



The medieval castle takes us directly back to the time of the Cid himself, and the mills to another Spanish figure par excellence: Don Quixote. Climbing the Calderico hill and contemplating from there the landscape surrounded by mills brings us closer to this great universal literary icon.



Parking our motorhome in the castle is one of the best options, if we take into account the abundant wind. On Calle Urda 90, next to the pool, you can also spend the night without any problem, although there is neither filling nor emptying of water. Closer to the center is the car park on Avenida Castilla La Mancha, very useful if we want to visit the historic center, as well as on Calle Vertedera Alta.


If we prefer a private area, we must resort to the Madrid Andalucía highway. At kilometer 132 there is an area that allows you to spend the night and has a supply and discharge of gray and black water, as well as various services: supermarket, gas station, restaurant….




At just 30 kilometers and a little over twenty minutes of walking along the CM-4025 / CM-4054 and then the N-401 we arrive at Orgaz, another interesting Toledo town that imbues us with the whole spirit of Castile. Therefore, the castle stands out, located in the middle of the urban fabric of the town and therefore the protagonist of the life of all its inhabitants since centuries ago, when in the 14th century it was built as a palace for the Pérez de Guzmán family.


This motivates that its rectangular plan, its spectacular keep and in general all its architecture is not so defensive in nature and, therefore, it served for a long time as a residence for large families like the Llopis, which finally ended up bequeathing it to the town with all its decorative elements.


Orgaz is, with its old wall, its church and the bridge of the five eyes, the typical town that we must visit in Toledo. Excellent restaurants dedicate their days to preparing typical dishes such as their delicious fritters and stews of pickled partridge, capons and rabbit, so abundant in their lands. The region is a shower in the production of wines, which they also use to dip their delicious torrijas.


Nearby, in the town of Mora, we have a small area with three squares to discharge black and gray water. It's on the Cemetery Road.

The Yébenes

Just 10 kilometers along the N-401 we arrive at Los Yébenes, a small town dotted with Roman, Arab and Christian remains where the Guadalerzas castle stands out above all, a 12th century military fortress as well as the churches of Santa María and San Juan. Baptist, both from the 16th century, and the first one was destil Mudejar and the second Gothic.



The Palace of the Encomienda de San Juan is also an interesting contribution of civil architecture. Everyone in Los Yébenes knows Casa Apelio, a restaurant located on Calle Real de Arriba where we can taste all the simple, but intense benefits of Toledo's gastronomy.

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