Motorhome route from the Tagus River to Madrid


Madrid is full of possibilities. Not only for urban life, but also in its varied and extensive surroundings, where we can follow the course of the Tagus River as it passes through the community with this route of towns that, in many cases, welcome the “camper” user with open arms. ”. Comercial Caravaning enjoys the best settings in the south of Madrid.


We can start with Aranjuez, which is not by chance one of the most beautiful towns in the Madrid community, recognized by UNESCO, and also a town  caravan friendly. It stands next to the Tagus at its confluence with the Jarama and just over half an hour from Madrid, and in its streets we can find a suitable combination of palatial architecture, nature and conventional leisure.


It has a paid area, the Camping Internacional Aranjuez, where we can empty gray and black water. On Calle de la Reina 10 there is also a free esplanade that is perfect for parking and seeing the gardens, one of the town's great attractions. Next to the Gardens, the Royal Palace, another must-see next to the Ontigola Sea, the legendary dam of the place. This protected area is a sanctuary for natural life, where bird lovers have a must-see meeting place.


On the M-318 from Aranjuez we arrive at Fuentidueña del Tajo, a town known for its famous cave-houses carved out of the same rock and which in many cases have seen fit to keep in perfect condition. The 12th century medieval castle, of which only the Torre del Homenaje is preserved, is, despite being in ruins, an Asset of Cultural Interest and the second great place to take into account.



It was the nerve center of the activity of Doña Urraca, who according to legend used a series of underground passages to meet Moorish lovers. Later it became of the Order of Santiago, putting a new chapter in the varied history of Fuentidueña, which also offers us a Baroque Church, that of San Andrés, this time perfectly restored, and very close to the Fuentidueña spring that gives name to the town.


In the vicinity of these two towns we will find very attractive towns. Very close to Fuentidueña is Brea de Tajo, at the time another small “caravan friendly” town built on the river bank, we find a useful and complete free motorhome area on road F, 4. It has a park, viewpoint and filling and emptying gray and black water as well as other services such as a bar, tobacconist, supermarket and almost direct access to a multitude of hiking trails.

Ear apiary

Of Arab origin, Brea de Tajo was sold by Emperor Carlos I to the Marquis of Mondejar, finishing off a varied history that we can witness by walking through its quiet streets. We cannot miss the churches of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, declared a Site of Cultural Interest, and the hermitages of San Roque and San Isidro.


Ear apiary. Main Square. Library, Town Hall and Church of Santa María La Mayor.


Another reference town, just 30 kilometers down the M-222 we can set a stop on our route through the Madrid Tagus in Colmenar de Oreja, very close to Chinchón, where there is a private CA area on the Morata de Tajuña road where We can change the waters and enjoy its various services such as showers, laundry, as well as, of course, staying overnight.


In Colmenar we have a parking area on Calle Mirador del Cristo that is ideal for visiting the town on foot, although the esplanade with the possibility of staying overnight on Calle de San Sebastián offers similar possibilities.


Colmenar is a town of good bread and better wine. Its oil is recognized in many markets and also its garden. Its church of Santa María la Mayor, founded by the Order of Santiago, and its typical Plaza Mayor will enliven a walk through its urban area. However, the tunnel and the Zacatín fountain contribute to give personality to a place characterized by the stone quarries of Colmenar, which provided material for many major works in the community, such as the Puerta de Alcalá or the aforementioned Aranjuez.


At the end of the day, we can always stop at Villaconejos, with a good buy of vegetables and the occasional melon, the route is closed.

In rural Madrid, life has another rhythm.

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