When in 1961 the cabinetmaker Costant Rousseau founded Fast his goal was to create a reference brand that was useful and enjoyable, that would allow his clients to travel with charm and carefree. To do this, their vehicles had to be reliable, practical and possess above-average creativity, always with a differentiated plus when it comes to handling materials.

50 years later the manufacturer can be very proud of its achievements.

Rapido's continuous improvement has led to its Distinction series and specifically up to the i96 model, a comprehensive motorhome with a formidable exterior appearance. It is a vehicle that attracts attention and that says a lot in its favor.

Big and powerful but with a feeling of agility.

The interior lives up to expectations. Thanks to its exclusive decoration and excellent interior finishes, the 100,000 euro barrier is more than justified. The 30 mm Styrofoam insulation, the covered roof and the anti-shock polyester structure arranged in every cabin, in addition to the polyurethane structure, guarantee low noise while running and, even better, the best conditions once the vehicle is stationary. and it is necessary to live inside it. Double glazing with blackout and mosquito net refreshes while protecting privacy.

salon RAPIDO I96


Of the seven models that make up the series, the i96 is a balanced mix of space, ease of use and usability. We have a real mobile living room with a large double bed measuring 1.60 x 1.96 meters with electrically adjustable height and a fully equipped interior that, however, leaves room for customization and customer choice.


Its spacious bedroom has a mattress base with a retractable island and a storage drawer at the foot, with USB and 12V sockets designed to make life even easier and even a bedside table topping off the backlit headboard. A good bed is nothing without a good mattress, and the heavy-duty Bultex is up to the task.

bedroom RAPIDO I96


There is no shortage of lighting precisely thanks to its multiple skylights in both the living room and the bedroom, separated by a curved-design kitchen equipped with a large 177-liter double-hinged refrigerator. In the living room, the extendable table and the various storage spaces make up a spacious and cozy interior. The optional ALDE central heating completes that impression: distributed across the leg of the living room table, equipped with front-facing benches with armrests, the temperature is always ideal.


The TRUMA Combi series gas and electric system, however, performs an excellent service that can also be controlled remotely thanks to its iNet system. Finally, the new built-in 32 ″ flat-screen TV cabinet with backlight and storage space helps create a climate conducive to our entertainment, both in winter and summer.


The Fiat pairing with AL KO develops a chassis that is as comfortable as it is flexible, with the latest advances in safety and electronic aids, this 7.54-meter vehicle is revealed as a true eater of kilometers. Its 140 diesel horsepower is enough to move with agility a large structure that is surprisingly agile and light when running.


The Bellagio furniture offers an interior in light, clean and elegant colors of great modernity.


The same happens with the NACARAT finish, each one endowed with features that help comfort and the impression that we are dealing with a “premium” product but with a price adapted to the real world. The details and typical ideas of Rapido appear here and there throughout the cabin and it is impossible to discover them all at once: this is a product designed to the last detail to make us feel better than at home.




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