FAST 896


FAST 896

Rapido is a brand that lives up to its name. A philosophy that, in these times of sufficient but rather uniform quality, makes itself felt... and felt. That is why it is one of the reference brands in COMERCIAL CARAVANING.

Most of their products transmit soul and that is part of their added value. The French make vehicles  capable of covering all the basic needs of transport and vacation life, but always with a plus: they are motorhomes made by people who perfectly understand the camper discipline. That is to say, made by enthusiastic engineers who like this expanding world that is recreational vehicles.

Within  throughout its range, there are products that have a special shine and that is quickly noticeable in any exhibition.

The Rapido 896 should be one of its culminations, although the French are surpassing themselves year after year. It is a recreational vehicle that combines all the technical and creative capacity of the company so that the user can enjoy freedom, either alone or with family, surrounded by friends or in search of ourselves. In any case, the objective is to enjoy, live, take advantage of the planet in which we live without leaving a mark.

The 896 range was built on the modern and reliable Fiat chassis with widened rear track and offers, with its maximum length of 7.49 metres, a host of leisure and transport solutions. And almost residential, as it gives enough space to create comfortable spaces that are differentiated and perfectly isolated from the outside. A large open living room with banquettes, a private bathroom, a separate shower with a rectangular sink, and the two jewels in the crown: a central XXL bed measuring 160 x 196 centimeters and another central one with electrically adjustable height.

To this are added the multiple storage spaces distributed throughout the cabin (such as its interior chest and the various compartments) and other ideas so that living inside the Rapido is equivalent to living well. The kitchen has a large 149L refrigerator and a 3-burner stainless steel cooktop with a black top and piezoelectric ignition. The separate bathroom with shower meets all our expectations. And the options, very well, thank you, for varied and inventive. We can customize the vehicle so as not to take more than what we really need or less than what we are going to need. Adjusting the price is a sign of intelligence.

The finishes are also important. Rapido knows how to do everything, and with the various styles of furniture (be it Bellagio or Nacarat) and upholstery (all of them equally well finished) we will soon (or quickly) feel at home. The Truma Combi 6 CP PLUS heating system adjusts the temperature efficiently and quickly, covering all needs without problems.

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