What taxes does a Caravan pay?

We can define the taxes that a caravan pays in what are necessary at the time of registering it and those that are necessary once the vehicle is already registered.

Taxes when purchasing the vehicle



The VAT or Value Added Tax is paid as long as the vehicle is new, and if the vehicle is second-hand and comes from an import and the invoice does not show REBU VAT, we will have to pay it as well.

There are exemptions for reduced mobility, check with your community administration.


The REBU VAT is calculated on the difference between the purchase and the sale. Therefore, if we have had a capital gain between the purchase and the sale, the 21% is applied to this capital gain.

It depends on how the seller makes the invoice to us so that it has VAT REBU or not. In turn, this will depend on how the vehicle has been acquired by it.

If we acquire the second-hand vehicle from a professional in Spain who in turn also bought it from a private individual, this vehicle will also have a VAT REBU.


If the caravan is second-hand and the sale is made between individuals, a tax will be charged, calculated on the sale value that depends on each Autonomous Community. In Madrid it is the 4% of the sale price between individuals.


At the time of registering the vehicle we have another tax, but at a very low cost compared to VAT, due to traffic procedures to register the caravan.


Taxes once the vehicle is purchased



The IVTM, Tax for mechanical traction vehicles, or as it is commonly known "number" is the tax paid by all those who have a mechanical traction vehicle to their town hall annually. This tax depends on the characteristics of the vehicle and on each municipality.

IMPORTANT if a trailer has a load capacity of less than 750kg, you do not have to pay IVMT, this is not that the trailer has a MMA greater or less than 750kg, but rather that its load capacity, (Difference between TARE and the MMA) is greater than 750kg.

Many municipalities collect this tax without having to collect it since the vast majority of caravans in Spain do not exceed a load capacity greater than 250kg, and it is already a high value.

Other annual expenses of a motorhome that are not taxes but are mandatory if we want to circulate with it are Civil liability insurance and ITV (First at 6, then every 2 and from 10 years annually).

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Si compro una caravana de segunda mano tiene que tener Itv al dia? Si no la tiene quien debe pasarla comprador o vendedor?


Good afternoon, I am studying the purchase of a caravan, and I have a question, which until now no one has been able to answer, I am in charge of a person with reduced mobility and I would like to know if I can request the reduced VAT of the 4% in the purchase of a CV new. I belong to the AC of Andalusia but I cannot find information about it. It can be requested or is only valid for vehicles.


Hello, I have bought a second-hand caravan (it is from 2010) and I would like to know how much per hundred I have to pay for the change of ownership since it is between individuals. oh it's in valencia thanks !!!

Eduardo Aguilera

VAT REBU who pays it the buyer or the seller


VAT REBU who pays it the buyer or the seller


And I bought a new caravan of 1400 kilos, I am a private pensioner with degrees of disability, could I receive a discount in terms of VAT or any tax.?


Hello, I want to buy a second-hand French caravan, how much would it cost to put it with Spanish documentation? And where should I go
Thank you

Mari mar Juarez Marcos

Hello, I would like to have information about whether the caravans have to pay road tax if it is parked on the street in a secluded place so as not to get in the way and the owner would live in said caravan. And as the site chosen would be to avoid moving it, other taxes would have to be paid being the second-hand caravan and this will not be very big. I hope for information soon, thank you.


Hello, I am interested in buying a caravan

47,000 km !!!
6 gears
4 seater
It has two double beds. One fixed and one that is mounted. The front seats are folding and the table is extendable.
It has a solar panel, a new battery and new front wheels. Bicycle carrier.
Bathroom with separate shower.
Gas oven.
Kitchen with three burners. Large fridge with separate freezer. Turma heating. How much would be in annual taxes


I do not have enough to buy a home, I have thought about buying a second-hand caravan, he earned € 400 a month.


Good afternoon,

Can you please inform me, if a trailer has a load capacity of less than 750kg, does it have to be registered?



Hello!! I'm going to buy a second-hand motorhome, it's 185 hp and 16 years old. How much does the transfer cost?



Javier Iglesias
Javier Iglesias
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