The caravan style has come to stay. If it has always been a way of travel, and of life, characterized by freedom, also in recent times it gives us security and control: traveling our way, fleeing from crowds or the most common places.


Although there is a downside, although limited and rectifiable, to our getaway. And it is that from time to time we will need a minimum of services to refuel our camper or to have a more complete comfort. That is why today we bring you some of the most caravan friendly towns to combine adventure and comfort to our adventure.


Most of the places that open their arms to campers and caravans are nuclei immersed in nature and that have well internalized the concept of active tourism. Although in the early days they were camping lovers, today they have strengthened their services to host our mobile homes or have created festivals or special activities for these travelers. In general, they also have a rich gastronomy and a historic center for the stroller


San Juan de la Arena (Asturias)

If you are in love with the north, you cannot miss a getaway through Asturias or Galicia. In Asturias, where the first "family friendly" festival for campers was held, we can choose San Juan de la Arena, especially if we like surfing.

This beautiful fishing village with its Indian influence has some streets that seem enchanted and a lot, a lot of nature, with river walk routes following the mouth of the Nalón River and impressive views of the coast. In this sense, you should not miss the Quebrantos beach. On the avenue of the same name, since it is the parking lot of said beach, we have free parking for 48 hours. There are accessible public toilets and showers. If we go in March we can enjoy its elver festival, since we are in the capital of Spain.


Foz (Lugo)

And if we still want to escape the heat in summer or simply enjoy the peace of the Galician beauty and its dishes, what better than Foz, where we can either stop in its caravan area or not far away we can stop at Atalaia Camper Park or the San Rafael camping.


In Rua Asteleiros, 6 we can find interesting places at the foot of the beach, which means that there is a lot of influx of camper public attracted by the luxury of sleeping by the sea and for free. There is an area for emptying and loading water. The overnight stay is 48 hours. Nearby we find the municipal swimming pool, which has a gym, bathrooms and a sauna. At 600 meters we find the town, where it is worth visiting the Basilica of San Martiño and the Castro de Fazouro.


Another proposal is, again, to walk along the estuary to the beach with a route of 8 kilometers. We recommend the visit in Carnivals and in August, although during the patron saint festivities the area is disabled. If you go with your dog passing, Los Quebrantos beach is Bayas beach, where your best friend can run and swim with you.


Benicarló. Castellon

The north coast of Castellón is a marvel. It is also another coastal area where we can park our vehicle comfortably and safely. It is very close to Peñiscola and its Barranquet car park allows us to spend the night for free and change the waters. Although you cannot camp, it is very close to both the beach and the town.


We have several options for hiking and biking routes as well as a visit to the marshes. The promenade and the port offer us the classic quiet Mediterranean atmosphere to enjoy with the family but also for those who want to eat and relax.


Ayamonte. Huelva.


If what you want is the south and have some good prawns from Huelva, a route from Ayamonte to Doñana is a great plan for any time of the year. Although in this area there are not many areas with services, we do find one in Ayamonte itself that serves as a stopping point between this town and the beaches of Isla Cristina. In the port of Ayamonte, Extremadura street, there is a payment area (9 euros per day) that has bathrooms and showers and surveillance. The views of the port are very beautiful, especially at sunset.


On Isla Cristina, in the La Estación neighborhood, we find the Campero Park, which has countless services such as showers, toilets, bathrooms, swimming pool, Wi-Fi, cafeteria, water change and buses that take you to the beach. Obviously the overnight stay is not free, depending on the season it can range between 9.50 euros and 13 euros and electricity is charged separately 3.5 euros per day. They also have bicycle rental service, laundry. They are pet friendly.


Long live the camper life!

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