Motorcycle Carrier for Motorhomes


Motorcycle Carrier for Motorhomes

Traveling by motorhome allows us to resort to a second mode of transport that increases our possibilities of fun and freedom once we reach our destination.  At Comercial Caravaning we know what you need for our “other companion” of adventures. These motorcycle carrier, In its different varieties and typologies, they offer you that plus without losing security in any case.  Our workshop advises you on the accessory that your vehicle  more need.

Pollicini has designed a model that, by means of an electric motor, hooks the front wheel for a better movement of the motorcycle. In this way, with little effort, we can lift heavy vehicles with little effort, holding them safely and without thinking too much.

When we do not carry the motorcycle we will only have to remove the tow car  fixed with some screws and we will have the garage completely free, only the rail is installed on one side and the motor on one end.

The motorcycle will ride stably and safely in the garage of  our motorhome, without stealing a large space from our rear garage. It supports various lengths from 190 to 200 cm and has a remote control that makes operation even easier, as does the optional folding ramp. Great idea for total protection.

Reimo is another great brand specializing in accessories, and its portamos is one of the most popular options. It is a rear extension for our motorhome where our auxiliary vehicle will be fixed, which although it is in public view, will still travel with us with total reliability and safety.

Its load capacity is more than enough to accommodate a large number of models, and it carries the huge message of quick and cheap assembly (and equally easy disassembly).

The platform can be moved sideways and is suitable for large vans, six meters in length. In this category there are many models, the extensible and tilting ones being the most recommended. The arms that extend the chassis can even be removed to avoid overloading the vehicle if no motorcycle needs to be moved.

Another model we carry is the tow ball or platform. If we take the Rameder brand as a reference, we find a device that is placed on the trailer hitch ball to move our second favorite vehicle, a process that is faced with maximum comfort and guarantees.

It is ideal for vehicles of less weight (up to 120 kilos), bicycles, or mopeds of lower displacement, and compatible with almost all models of tow ball. Of course, the device itself is lighter and includes the ramp and ratchet straps to raise and secure the bike, and of course a head lock and other devices to secure the load. It is easy to store and very light, although it requires - DGT regulations - to display the outgoing load signaling plate.

If we require higher turning angles, it is advisable to use trailers with a chassis extension arm. There are those that allow us to carry up to three motorcycles of respectable size and weight, and allow us to attach other storage devices to adapt to all our “missions”. Erde's has a hollow pen holder made of  license plate, an anti-theft device on the trailer itself, and brake and signal lights that can be connected to the vehicle. Made of resistant galvanized steel, it allows to drag up to 300 kilos in a comfortable, practical and safe way.

In Commercial Caravaning  We have all kinds of solutions to complete the equipment of your motorhome or caravan. 

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