Hydraulic legs for motorhomes


The time has come to stop and enjoy our free time. However, first we must secure our motorhome to the ground. The feeling of being flat is always pleasant and  makes it necessary to have a valid hydraulic leg system that is capable of fixing our vehicle to the ground, usually irregular, until a safe and comfortable position is achieved.

In the COMERCIAL CARAVANING workshop  we know that  is a staple for  to feel comfortable. The name does not seem very commercial, but it is perfectly understood. These last batch hydraulic legs will allow you to do it very easily and with complete peace of mind.

Two brands are the leaders in the market, MAVE and AL-KO. The Mave Kit 3 hydraulic legs offer extraordinary support and stability for popular models such as the Fiat Ducato, Ford Trasit, Iveco Daily or Mercedes Sprinter, in several of their varieties.

Technically, it is an automated hydraulic kit made with first-class materials that, in its different models, provides different amounts of lifting force, dimensions in the driving position and also different chassis interfaces. Actually, in progress it is not noticed that they are installed. It is the best way to forget about the wedges, the tacos  of wood and stones that always  We have seen  use.

Installation is essential. So we must  resort to a workshop with full guarantees and  used to this type of work.  Once the adaptability to our model has been resolved, we will enjoy hydraulic legs that are easy to handle thanks to a practical and simple control panel, created to be integrated into the motorhome without attracting attention, which allows the vehicle to be leveled automatically or manually. .  In addition, there is an App so that we can control these functions from the mobile phone with even more comfort.

The kit consists of an electronic and hydraulic control unit and a hand pump that, by means of four lifting cylinders painted with five layers of anticorrosive varnish (and a support plate for the floor to prevent them from sinking) provide adequate lift. chassis we are looking for.

The plate is flexibly fixed to the cylinder to adapt to all types of surfaces, even the most irregular ones, and is also capable of draining the water through a series of holes made in its stainless steel surface.

The AL-KO hydraulic legs for vehicles with chassis of the same brand use the new HY4 leg system from the famous German firm.  The new models are capable of leveling the vehicle in an extremely precise way (up to 3%), in an easy and very operational way.

Using our mobile phone with the free AL-KO 2LINK application, usable as a remote control, we can control the entire system avoiding overloads and erroneous values in each of the axes, separately.

The brand's hydraulic legs can boast of being the first hydraulic systems officially authorized by the ever demanding Mercedes-Benz, which naturally supports them in its popular VS30 vehicles, one of the most valid vehicles for camper leisure on the market, a system of a professional quality.

Under these circumstances, it is obvious to say that not only the Germans support the system, capable of working not only with extreme subtlety, but quickly because the operation does not take a minute. We can use it in  The Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper and Peugeot Boxer vans with AL-KO chassis also have these legs designed and executed with care.

So much technology deserves a specialized workshop.


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Javier Iglesias
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