Special tires for motorhomes

Special tires for motorhomes

In a truck, an F-1 vehicle or an SUV, wheels are an essential part of safety. The same thing happens in a motorhome. At Comercial Caravaning we know that our tires are our contact with the road. Evident? Yes, but not everyone takes it into account.


A motorhome is a special vehicle, and therefore it needs a special tire. Obviously we need reinforced wheels, capable of supporting the weight and the particular use to which a camper vehicle is subjected, requiring a very high level of safety both on asphalt and on somewhat more complicated roads.


Some brands recommend winter products for our vehicles, but it is not always the best.  Falken Eurowinter Van01 o Uniroyal Snow Max 2 can be good examples.


It must also be taken into account that it must also be able to withstand a long time parked while standing still. In short, in this section in Commercial Caravaning we want to advise you on a "top" manufacturing level for our vehicle. A good assembly and the right pressure make the trip safer.



Vanco Camper tires are very popular with motorhomes. They are in large recreational vehicles, with an improved structure to withstand not only the higher weight, especially on the rear axle, but also withstand different climates (despite being specially designed for summer) and especially the long foreseeable periods of parking. Standing for a long time helps tire deformation.


The economic difference is not that important and it is worth it. Naturally, the priority is to offer a safe product on the road, and Continental has made an effort to make the Vanco Camper tires especially safe when braking, helping to reduce the distance in the wet, with high resistance to impacts, overloading. and abrasion.


Nor should we forget the ecological component. Reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is now a compulsory subject for any manufacturer, and Vanco Campers pass European regulations with flying colors.




Michelin is a firm known for skimping on nothing. The Agilis Camping have been designed for motorhomes, so if we add that specialization factor to the quality of the brand, the result can only be outstanding. Its entire range shows that Michelin has believed in this type of product for years.


Technically, these summer tires with a squarer footprint and with Durable Contact Patch technology have two carcass covers to withstand higher inflation pressures than conventional in a car, as well as cut sheets that allow a great grip in all circumstances, rain or snow, we roll on asphalt or on surfaces with mud or snow. The French brand is a guarantee of control, so here safety is the key.



The Japanese brand has models such as the Duravis All Season, whose use extends throughout the year and which is capable of providing a good grip to motorhomes in any weather condition.


A specific motorhome tire must withstand long periods of standing time, either because the vehicle is not used or because it is parked at its destination.


And the Duravis here live up to its name by guaranteeing its good operation and providing a fuel saving bonus that has allowed it to obtain the C rating of the always demanding European Union in this section.


Its additional protection on the sides protects it from shocks and overloads, and its manufacture using the Nano Pro-Tech compound also reinforces its performance in the wet. No mountain route will resist us with these dry tires, they have the 3 Peak MSF certificate (Snowflake, Mud and Snow)


Other good options can be  Goodyear Cargo Ultragrip 2 and the Yokohama WY01


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all tires

In my caravan I have been using the VANCO CAMPER CONTINENTAL for years and they are luxurious, at the moment I do not change them for anything.



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