Best power inverters for motorhomes


Best power inverters for motorhomes


Pressing the ON button and enjoying energy is one of the simplest and fastest pleasures we can feel. At Comercial Caravaning we know that a good installation in our vehicle takes many moments  pleasant.

Few investments  in our motorhome or van it will give us so much capacity for action. Give me energy and I choose action.

Sophure Vechline 

Sophure Vechline 200W is a converter of the best quality, which with a manageable size (310 x 150 x 70 mm) and weight (just over 3 kilos) manages to satisfy the most demanding. It is designed for devices that require a considerable amount of power or a particularly stable and regular current. All of these qualities make it extremely suitable for camper vans in all its varieties, since it also includes a remote control that allows it to be operated remotely.

Of course, like the entire range of the brand, it is a very safe product that is protected against possible short circuits, overloads and even polarity reversals.

Dometic Perfect Power 1002

Dometic Perfect Power 1002 lives up to the “perfect” in its name. This efficient, high-performance AC inverter is factory-protected against all kinds of eventualities such as short circuits and power surges, and offers extremely efficient service at an excellent price. It is a sine wave converter that transforms the 12V battery power into a 230V AC sine wave.

It is a range that also makes it an ideal device to provide energy to all those small electrical appliances that accompany us on a trip in a van or motorhome: coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, dryers ... With a weight of three and a half kilos, it is a handy and durable device.


The 12V 100W Modified Wave DCU is another handy device, inexpensive to buy and extremely useful on short and long trips. It comes with the maximum possible endorsement, since apart from the already known DC brand, always concerned with efficiency and low consumption, it also has the approval of the demanding entities of the European Union and adds the German TUV certification, which guarantees its efficacy and safety in all circumstances.

It has soft-start and no less than four protection functions to protect the equipment in the worst possible situations such as overloads, power drops or power surges and also high temperatures. The pack is designed with USB, double AC outlet and also comes with power cables, so it is easy to take it out of the box and use it directly.


Carbest 20A lives up to its name: it is the best for your car. With an input socket of between 180 and 240 V (the output reaches a maximum of 14.6), its low weight of 2 kilos allows fully automatic charging of all possible AGM, acid, GEL and LifeP04 batteries. .

You can do it in three stages via a 20A charger with connecting cables and battery terminals. This charger protected against overloads and other eventualities is able to continuously find out the battery charge level and get us out of any eventuality in a… electrifying way.


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