It is impossible to run away from electrical energy. Even the leisure camper, so friendly to nature and ecology, needs a good source of electrical energy. It is evident that energy is freedom.

At the Commercial Caravaning facilities  we are committed to more energy, more autonomy and more freedom. But,   above all, security.   Each installation is a challenge and our team knows that the quality and the final finish avoid many problems.

Solar panels, lithium batteries or  a gas generator  are arguments of  an increasingly sustainable mobility  and clean, but above all it must be safe. Even mobility itself and vehicles are already heading towards their total or partial electrification, all to improve emissions to the planet and also save fuel consumption.

That going. But when we are standing still, the list of electronic devices that have become essential in our lives is endless. Mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, televisions in streaming, in addition to the  essential laptop and all imaginable accessories. Living our leisure in a motorhome does not have to mean living disconnected, unless it is what we want. At Comercial Caravaning we believe that you can  be a Digital Nomad, with absolute normality. Connected you live better and pressing the OFF key is very simple.

But not only the internet lives the van. Naturally, you have to eat, and devices as necessary and fundamental as an electric oven also "suck" electricity. The fridge itself and other absolutely basic devices are connected to the network. In the bathroom, our hair dryer or shaver. Even the auxiliary chargers need to charge through the vehicle's own battery or a solar panel intended for such use. All these devices need a conventional 220v plug, while the vehicle usually only has 12v.

Nothing happens. We can advise you to make everything more comfortable. The caravans have two batteries, the engine and an auxiliary for the passenger compartment. The 220 V plugs require that we connect the vehicle to the electrical network of a campsite or service area or install a power inverter from 12 to 220v. It is highly recommended to mount a 12v auxiliary system that helps us save energy, have lights, television and other elements, or simply to overcome eventualities or breakdowns. A third possibility is to have a generator handy, because in these transitions the old methods still work.

Let's also not forget that electricity has its dangers. We have to be careful that the installation is properly preserved to avoid electric shocks or fires. We must also remember the basics: do not touch wet or bare cables and follow the specifications and manuals of the manufacturers or the installer. good insulation  It can save us a lot of trouble. 

An electronic control unit allows us to control from a single panel the levels of water, battery charge, tanks, the lights in the passenger compartment... Also if we are connected to the current or if we are pulling our battery reserves or if we are charging it or no. This element is vital to properly manage the services of our vehicle and exploit all the possibilities of caravanning.

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Javier Iglesias
Javier Iglesias
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