Vehicles from Italy are often identified with passion and design. The Etrusco motorhome preparation firm adds to these hallmarks the search for a competitive price that helps the brand strategically position itself in a market that is increasingly saturated with options.

Etrusco motorhomes therefore propose a way to travel as a family without losing an iota of the personality that we boast in a brand with Italian spice. But it is obvious that preserving all the component of practicality and freedom that we ask of a “camper” vehicle.

Low profile motorhome for four people

The Etruscan 7400 QB It is a profiled motorhome for four people with the possibility of adding one more, both for night and at the homologation level. With a length of 7.41 meters, this is a model capable of adding a large bed (195 x 150 cm) located in the center of the back, like a large island that finishes off the whole, and therefore converted into the great reason for being of it. This bed can be accessed from several sides and all the other elements of the motorhome are built around it, on the other hand lavish in holes and storage places. If we add to this the 2.32 in width and 2.93 in height, we understand the lack of stress ...

Design interiors with space

The interior abounds with design details and, above all, the feeling of space. Light colors, wood finishes and abundant passages for external light make up a cabin where a pleasant feeling of cleanliness prevails. The kitchen is in the center of the vehicle and, of course, has a three-burner stove, excellent and well-cared finishes and a large refrigerator. The “L” -shaped room allows us to hold family or friends gatherings without missing space, with a central table configured according to our needs. Upstairs there is a second double bed integrated in the ceiling and folding for when we need it (its dimensions, again more than respectable: 195 x 140 cm).



Powered by an agile 140-horsepower Fiat Multijet engine, the brand allows you to choose several closed equipment packs that are added to the standard equipment, which is large enough to just customize the vehicle and adapt it to our needs. The Basic pack, the Comfort pack and the Chassis pack each emphasize a different vision that, progressively, brings our vehicle closer to the most premium offers on the market. Because knowing how to adjust the price was never at odds with quality or showing off a good interior and exterior appearance.



One of the fundamental characteristics of the model is the large rear cargo area, with a garage that claims to be one of the most capable on the market. The bathroom with toilet, sink and many storage spaces has a separate shower. The breadth is the great bet of this model. If size doesn't scare us, it's a great option.


The model also enjoys all the advantages of a vehicle of today, with aids such as ABS, ASR, EBD, ESP and an interior prepared for the new times, with USB sockets, LED lights and first-class insulation from the exterior. What you can't buy is free time!


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