How to travel with dogs in a caravan

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Good morning caravans again!

Today we bring a topic to our blog that we had not covered until now: how to travel with a dog / s in the caravan or motorhome?

Our pets fill us with great moments, they keep us company and, why not admit it, we drool with them! Whether we have an ugly or beautiful dog, a ferret or even a mouse… It is our pet and we cannot help but melt when they follow us.

Therefore, when we go on a trip with our pets (we focus in this article on traveling with dogs in a caravan) it is important to know how to take them so that they suffer as little as possible and we comply with all safety measures.

Before starting, if you DO NOT want to take your dog / s with you on a trip for whatever reason NEVER leave him / her. If you have no one to drop off your dog with, there are plenty of dog-friendly kindergartens and hotels where you can drop them off while you're traveling and pick them up on your return.

And now yes, with the warning, we set out on the journey!

How to travel with a dog in a caravan

#1. Before making the trip

No one knows your four-legged friend better than you: if he is quiet, nervous, if he snores, if he has a long or short pee or if he barks a lot. Therefore, think about him at all times and take into account his character.

Before embarking on the trip, feed your dog, drink and relieve himself before going up. The idea is that you are prepared to endure two / three hours in the car without having to urinate, eat or drink.

Another thing to prepare before getting into the caravan is your suitcase. What did you think? He is also going on a trip. In his backpack he includes a portable feeder and airtight drinker, his bed and his favorite toys. Another thing that some of our caravaners They include a shirt or garment of the owner and they put it with them. Thus, even though we are not next to him, he feels us close and we avoid making him nervous.

Decide how you want to transport the dog. With the current law, you can choose between carrying it in a carrier or tied to the belt hook with a harness (never with the strap and it could drown in the event of sudden braking).

Never forget to take one of the two security measures. And not just because the law establishes it that way. The animal may want to move and, for whatever reason, bother the driver if he is not tied up and cause an accident and scare us.

All ready? Well, we got into the caravan!

#2. During the trip

Inside the caravan, prepare a comfortable space for the dog where he does not feel too overwhelmed, he sees one of you and natural light enters him. It is true that the issue of space is complicated or not depending on the size of the dog. In any case, try not to make it feel too much lock upor. 

As it will happen to you, whether you are driving, as a co-pilot or simply enjoying the scenery, every two or two and a half hours your body and your legs will ask you to make a stop. And exactly the same needs your dog has. Make stops and take him for a walk to relieve himself, take a run, and stretch his legs.

At no time when you make a stop do you leave the dog alone inside the caravan. They could get scared or overwhelmed and you will give them an unnecessary hard time. If you can't go with him to the gas station or restaurant, take turns so he doesn't stay alone.

#3. Extra stuff

  • Take the dog's documentation with you, especially if the caravan trip is outside the national territory. Make sure it has a chip and is correctly vaccinated against rabies.
  • In his travel backpack, he includes bags with which to collect his necessities. As much as I do in the countryside thinks it will not be pleasant for another owner with his dog to find him. Always collect everything.
  • In case it gets dark during the trip, buy a light to add to your necklace so that it can be seen at all times.

And you, how do you travel with your pet? If you don't have a dog, what pet do you have?

Tell us!

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Comments (3)

Irene Luz

You are sending a confusing message because it seems that you do not know the difference between caravan and motorhome. The caravan is a trailer. Can dogs travel in a caravan? The motorhome does allow the possibility for the dog to see you because the cabin where they travel is attached to the driver's cabin. Not in a caravan !! Please don't mix the terms we get confused


Can the dog be taken in the caravan? Or do I have to take it in the car.

Adela San Jose

I don't understand that I can't travel to the UK with my pit bull.
It is a dog that children get on top of.
It is a piece of bread.
Dogs of whatever breed they are are how the owners educate them.
Previously I had a Pyrenean Mastiff living with five 14-year-old children, and he was the most affectionate there is.
Today I have another breed just as big and I don't know who is better.
These Englishmen always hitting the mark.
But I would like to know how I can travel with my dog.
Either by caravan or by car through the English Channel.
Thanks in advance.
I would like you to give me a solution.
Since I always travel with my pets.

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