Best caravans of 2022


Best caravans of 2022


Caravans are a perfect solution for restless souls. If these souls have children and  they think that education in the open air better integrates all the members of the family, surely any of these three models will tempt us.

The Adria Adora 522 UP is one of the culminations of the Slovenian brand in the caravanning sector. If Adria is one of the most awarded firms in the sector, it is for achievements such as the 522, which incorporates all the technology and resources of the American group Thor Industries, to which the camper brand is a member.

Adria Adora 522 UP

This is a product that maintains its value, due to its proven resistance. This top-of-the-range, 7.20-meter-long caravan can boast a first-class design, especially aerodynamic thanks to its profile and the new air diffusers, and finishes that reveal the manufacturer's intention: to create a vehicle made to last and satisfy the most demanding user thanks to a latest generation and high performance AL-KO chassis.  That is also noticeable when driving, moving our house.

The equipment honors the “up” name, with a fixed bed, a full kitchen with three burners and a smoke extractor and a bathroom, as well as a large U-shaped living room. The interior is bright and spacious, with a wide door and a panoramic window of new design. All Adria units incorporate Comprex technology, which reinforces the torsional strength of wood, the durability of polyurethane and the properties of polyester.   to stop moisture, something that also applies to the next model.

Adria Aviva 522 PT prioritizes space and practicality above all else, thus rounding off a well-equipped unit but at a totally competitive price.  That is why it is one of the most sought-after models of the brand.

The presence of Adria, which has been creating recreation units since 1965, is manifested in a model with a popular vocation and ample space. In it, families of up to 6 people can enjoy camper leisure thanks to its two bunk beds, a fixed double bed and a living room for four people that can be converted into a double bed.

The model has a stabilizer as well as a very solid AL-KO chassis that, of course, reinforces driving safety. The hammered aluminum of the walls and other elements isolate the exterior and create a livable and pleasant environment, where practicality does not detract from the impact of certain innovative style solutions. The kitchen with three burners and a large worktop, the newly designed sink with pull-out display and the multitude of storage spaces distributed intelligently throughout the cabin create an environment designed to live for as long as it takes.

And for tastes the colors were made. Sterckerman 390CP It is a model designed to make things easy for us. The "easy" of his last name, therefore, is not trivial. Suitable for four people, it has two comfortable double beds, one of them fixed, and a large number of options to customize the cabin and make the caravan feel even more like our own.

The nights will become shorter thanks to its comfortable mattresses designed for long periods of time and with a thickness of 12 centimeters. XPS insulation conserves heat, helps save money and insulates us from external noise. And speaking of measurements, in 4.6 meters (not including the hitch) many things fit, such as a kitchen, living room and a bathroom (with a shower tray and Thetford WC) conceived as perfectly differentiated spaces.

The brand has distributed solutions and ideas throughout the cabin that will make our lives easier and more pleasant: a ceiling with LED lights, mosquito nets and blackouts for more privacy and security, as well as a well-distributed 85-liter mixed refrigerator so that we do not lack nothing for a long period of time.

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