How to clean inside motorhomes?

After a pleasant motorhome holiday, surely you will park the vehicle for a considerable time. Before that time comes you will have to take into account a series of tips that show us how to clean motorhomes to extend their useful life and keep them in good condition for the following season.

In this article we will focus on how to clean inside motorhomes. The products, techniques and care that the motorhome needs from the outside They are different from the ones inside, so we have considered it interesting to separate them in two. Later we will publish an article on how to clean your motorhome from the outside.

So that the next time you take the motorhome it is completely ready, not only do you have to leave it clean like the paten. From Comercial Caravaning we always recommend you  ensure travel safety, always checking that the mechanical elements - for example, the seat belts - are in good condition. Before starting up again after having been without moving the caravan for a while, we recommend that you go through the workshop and check that all the safety and mechanical aspects allow you to drive kilometers and kilometers.

How to clean inside motorhomes

How do we clean a motorhome inside? Before reading, do not think that you are going to clean your car, think that you are going to clean your house. Mentalized? Well we started.

The first thing to look at is the upholstery. Cleaning the inside is not only the cabin where we sleep or make dinner, we must not forget that the driver and passenger area also get dirty and we must keep them clean. To clean the upholstery (seats, doors ...) we can use any product that is sold and is particular and specific for upholstery. The product will surely create a foam or film when applied that we must remove with a dry cloth. You will see how it is shiny.

Every time you want to park your vehicle for a long time, you will have to empty both the water tanks and the inside of the pumps, to prevent pipes from freezing in the cold and bursting, or mold from forming.

Do not forget to remove all food products from the cupboards and the refrigerator, even if they do not expire. The refrigerator should be left open until the next use and talcum powder will be placed on the rubber of its doors so that they do not dry out and to preserve the humidity level. To clean the cabinets, do not use abrasive detergents or solvents, but only a mild detergent and plenty of water.

Another aspect that we must attack inside the caravan is the dust that has been entering. Anyone you find on surfaces like countertops or cabinets you can clean it with a cloth and a multipurpose, just as you can clean it at home. For the curtains, cushions and other fabrics If you have the caravan, it will be best to use the washing machine. Lastly, don't forget clean the fridge, there may be food debris that creates mold or attracts unwanted insects.

*Note: to clean any corner of the motorhome it would be very useful to have a handheld vacuum cleaner. It will help you reach the deepest corners and eliminate every last crumb or speck of dust.

What products can I use?

Ideally, do not use abrasive products or with a very high sanitizing load. These products can damage the materials of the caravan and spoil the shine or textures that they may have. Use products like mild soaps or multi-purpose sprays. One of the products that caravans recommend the most, especially for flooring, is the green stone.

And the black and gray waters?

One of the thorniest and most lazy matters to clean up. But quiet, It is not as complicated as it may seem at first. And is that if the caravan were a dream, this matter would be a bad awakening. Don't panic - it's neither that unpleasant nor that complicated. Word of Comercial Caravaning.

Both black and gray waters will be emptied into the service areas set up in the campsitesAlthough there is still a long way to go in this area, in these areas they have the necessary elements for emptying and subsequent cleaning. The gray water or from the shower and the sink will be emptied without further ado. The black ones in the drains or sinks with a socket that connects the cassette with the place. A nearby tap will be enough for those in charge of emptying these boxes to do so without too much inconvenience. Once the gray and black water tanks have been emptied, do not forget to add a disinfectant liquid to avoid bad odors and dissolve waste.

And you, what tricks do you use to clean your motorhome inside? Leave us a comment, sharing is living!

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How can the roof (interior) of a Laika be cleaned?
Water has entered through a skylight and a horrible stain has remained.
The roof is padded with light colored fabric.
Thanks in advance.

M. Teresa Alvarez

No matter how much we clean, we do not get rid of the bad smell, we get to catch the smell in our clothes and ourselves,

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