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Any vehicle  that circulates has its obligations and its rights. Yes indeed,  that  doubt it is possible that we came out winning. You could say that  the owners we have all the expenses of a normal vehicle,  plus some derived from its status as a mobile home.

In  Comercial Caravaning we help you to consider  the costs of a vehicle and the best way to finance the purchase. Our workshop is  the best way to have proper maintenance and install   all kinds of accessories.

ITV is security.

The technical inspection of the vehicle is carried out every two years in the case of caravans and only after 10 years of antiquity it will be necessary to carry out this examination annually.  In the case of the motorhome, it depends on where our vehicle is pigeonholed.

The cost is around 35-70 euros, since it will vary depending on each community. In many cases you can find discounts on discount or couponing pages. If we have bought the new caravan for the first four years we will not have to pass this inspection. The appointment is  already mandatory in many places.

Mechanical checks.

Our caravan or camper has that functional and hybrid character that involves performing various reviews. The first, every year or every 10,000 km, dedicated to checking the condition of the tires, oil, water, brakes, lights, filters, etc., and which will be carried out in the workshop with an average cost  200-400 euros (if no repairs need to be made because of this). He who has a good workshop has a treasure.  Let's avoid bottling, which can bring us problems.

One of the unwritten rules is that you have to change the wheels every 6 years, no matter in what condition they are. A forward-thinking traveler will get hold of a puncture kit, as it is rare that we have space for a spare tire.

Equipment reviews.

However, along with this maintenance requirement we find other extras:

- A mandatory inspection of the gas installation  (and appliances) every four years. This certificate of  good operation and zero leaks can cost between 50-100 euros.

-There are facilities that must be reviewed as in our house, such as the drinking water circuit and the installation of heating and the like. There is no regulation, but  in our house we would do it every year before the winter season begins. Each one to draw their conclusions and adapt it to their pocket.

- Check the watertightness of the caravan. It is not mandatory but it is recommended, since it is a cabin  in which we are going to sleep and travel  and comfort and safety depends on the 'consistency of the abode'   Solving problems discovered here or reinforcing deficiencies there will lengthen the life of our vehicle. This revision is around 100-200 euros.

Mandatory circulation insurance.

As we told you before, there is no specific category for caravans, motorhomes or campers, which will mean that insurance companies are not specialized in their services and inflate the amount of our insurance. 

Although we will need a special driving license if our motor home exceeds 400 kilos, nothing is specified about the insurance. Our recommendation is to ask at the dealer  or to the former owner before starting the search for a policy and turning to companies that have specific services for motorhomes and vans.

The range of payments go from 300 euros to 1000 euros.  Obviously the chosen coverage, the years of license and the size of the vehicle will 'weigh' on the policy budget. When determining what we want the insurance to cover, take into account if you are going to travel a lot, if you are going to leave the country and if you are going with children and / or pets. Our suggestion is that unlimited roadside assistance has to be a must.

Parking (in permitted places) - monthly expense

We may have to get a garage space if our residence does not have enough space due to the number of cars in the area or because there are not enough spaces  enough. It is not usually recommended to have it on the street on a regular basis if we are not traveling since it is dangerous considering the cost of the vehicle and its content (appliances, furniture, etc.)

The ideal is to be able to park it at home, for those who have their own garage, but the rest of the mortals can choose to leave the camper in a specific parking for caravans with surveillance. They are open and closed, which in addition to their location can raise their price. The average ranges between 50-100 euros per month. Here we can take advantage to also make gray water changes.

The road tax

The road tax o  Mechanical traction vehicle tax is mandatory and annual and can range from 60 to 200 euros. Unfortunately, or luckily,  It depends on the municipality and the type of vehicle. In the case of motorhomes, according to the council, they put it in the section for cars or trucks, based on the transport of  people and others on the weight of the vehicle.

The tax power of the vehicle or the type of fuel can also increase or decrease the amount of this tax. We advise you to investigate the conditions of your town hall since subdivisions or direct debits of the same tax can be subsidized.

Additional features

Didn't we tell you that AC is our home? Well obviously inside we will have many things that over time will have to be improved, added or implemented to the extent of our savings. 

In  Our van / motorhome can be austere but we can also have a TV, television antenna, air conditioning, solar panels that are the sea of practices, various appliances, external awnings or pergolas that can be manual or automatic ... And so on to endless of possibilities.

Have you done the math?  Expensive  or cheap?  Everything is relative, because money is only

a way to get to pleasure. 

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