How to have instant hot water in a motorhome?


How to have instant hot water in a motorhome?


Traveling by motorhome  it implies  not deprive ourselves of anything.  Hot water  is one of those details   what brand  the difference.  The water must have  the desired temperature, without waiting, not only at the beginning, but also between two successive showers  if two people are going to shower, or longer if they are more members of the family.

Too often the shower is our way of starting the  day, and a good start is the foundation of  one day.  The water's temperature  It is a necessary element that helps to make the most of the camper experience, to truly enjoy our time without worrying about waiting  unnecessary. At Comercial Caravaning we know  how to do  more comfortable life for our clients and friends.

As with the home heater, without waiting and taking advantage of all the water we have in the general tank of our camper vehicle, which can be 70 or 100 liters, we can take a long shower with complete peace of mind, or hurry water for the other members of the family but without depriving ourselves of anything.

Technology allows us  absolutely precise control by means of the approved instantaneous heaters that are already  implanted in the sector.

These heaters, such as the Imass IWH-1,5E, they boast of the always demanding European homologation, and they are an element as much or more essential than others such as air conditioning, television, gas cookers or microwaves, to give just a few examples.


They also help that washing our dishes is not such an unpleasant experience for our hands, not to mention that hot water helps greatly to remove the remains of grease. It is not only about comfort, therefore, but about implementing a true usability that does not go against the precepts of camper tourism. 

Until recently, in Europe and both in caravans and motorhomes, the issue of hot water used to be solved by small five-liter electric heaters connected to the campsite at 22v, or gas heaters instead of electric ones. The former have a minimal utility and will get us out of trouble. And the seconds had two major problems: the waiting time (which could sometimes be up to half an hour for a small 10 or 14 liter tank)  if it was in a cold season in which the temperature of the water in the tank is very cold and the duration, which in the best case hardly exceeds four or five minutes. 

They are devices with a tank of 10 or 14 liters of water that are heated to a maximum temperature of 60 degrees. Mixed with cold water, its temperature can be adjusted to obtain the sensation we want. And therefore its resources are limited and worse still  whether we are in a cold climate or in winter.

Models with the Imas IWH-1,5E, instantaneous, solve these problems. They obtain the water from the vehicle's own tank, 70 or 100 liters, and are specifically designed for European motorhomes (note, the Americans have a different approval and therefore cannot be used here). A great revolution in a sector, the camper, which has come to stay. In Commercial Caravaning  We show it to you…. The choice is yours.

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