Steckerman Caravans Easy Range 2021


Steckerman Caravans Easy Range 2021


The Steckerman Easy range brings new air to the proven reliability of the French brand. A company determined to bring paradise to its customers, an objective to which they have devoted all their efforts for more than 70 years.

The Easy range lives up to its name with a series of compact and lightweight models that do not sacrifice equipment or quality, but can boast of providing a truly ideal price for all those who want to experience camper leisure without having to sacrifice all other facets. of their life.

To all this philosophy of life are added at least three specific elements that distinguish Steckerman from the others. To begin with, the firm's excellent seven-year guarantee and, above all, IRP technology, a manufacturing method that optimizes the insulation of the caravan and reinforces its protection systems by means of an extra-firm foam, capable of conserving temperature and reducing the noises from outside in a remarkable way. To the exceptional durability of this material is added an additional protection in polyester sheet that makes the vehicle resistant to the scratches and bumps typical of continuous use, in addition to other typical elements of the exterior (stones, ultraviolet rays, hydrocarbons ...).

And third but not least, the excellent Steckerman heating system, with continuous temperature adjustment and a perfectly studied heat diffusion system. The Caraheat system with double hot air diffusion and the extremely quiet and comfortable floor heating system are other differential elements of a range in which everything is aimed at making our lives easier.


If we add to this its lightness and wonderful stability, we have a perfect vehicle for leisure. Up to eight different models in different configurations - from the three-and-a-half meter 350CP for two to the 496PE KIDS for five and intended for as many as six family members, these vehicles benefit from a modern, uncomplicated aesthetic in the vehicle. that everything unnecessary has been eliminated but not the quality and practicality to achieve a set the more accessible, the better.

Clean finishes that emphasize the feeling of light and space and a high level of customization through a multitude of options create a different and exceptional range, in which it is very difficult to find two identical vehicles. All of them have been created to be tremendously manageable, and are equipped with practical elements designed to last.


Kitchen sink with three sets, a multitude of storage spaces, large capacity refrigerators, pre-installation of a television antenna already in the basic models, and exceptional comfort in the different units. Naturally, the plugs, LED lights and USB sockets stand out to create a pleasant environment where comfort without excess is the priority, but with particularly exceptional isolation. At Steckerman they simply know what is important and have created a varied range, capable of adapting to all our needs, and that makes things ... easy for us.


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