In the world of caravans there are surnames that are a good claim. If you say Adria and then you mention Adora, you have a benchmark for quality, size and durability.

Or rather, several. It has everything expected of a brand as valued as Adria. with that slim contour and proprietary solutions such as the wider side door and its extra-large window to provide more light. The cleanliness and elegance of its design, now renewed, make the entire range one of the best new generation options. That makes the difference.


The large interior space and the excellent care of the finishes are Adria's other trademark, and they remain unscathed in the interior of the Adora range. It really is a space designed to live modern times. Naturally, incorporating cutting-edge energy options, with USB throughout the cabin, a new heating system and a Bluetooth system that allows us to classify the model as a “connected caravan”.



Technically, the Adria MACH system that can be incorporated as an option controls and monitors various functions via mobile phone, providing updated information on the caravan.


All models, from the 502 UL for five people to the 522 UP for four, or the superior 573 with six sleeping places, incorporate the high-performance Al-Ko chassis with AKS stabilizing coupling, which gives strength to a set of lines clean and elegant, with a new rear end with LED lights and optional alloy wheels that add to the dynamic exterior line.



Inside, the double glazing insulates us from temperature and noise and the large panoramic windows communicate us at the same time with the outside. This new online panoramic window is one of the feature notes of the new version, and it has a separate shading function. The aerodynamic wind diffusers reinforce the brand's desire to excel, which always finishes off its solutions with elegance, trying to preserve a dynamic exterior appearance.



The range incorporates a new controllable lighting system as well as a sound system with hidden speakers that modernizes and updates the range. The Truma heating system puts the finishing touch to turn this mobile living room into an extension of our own home.


Inside, the storage spaces cleverly distributed throughout the cabin reveal that Adria are not exactly newbies preparing these vehicles. The range offers gas storage that is easily accessible from the outside, track drawers in the kitchen and other outbuildings and a removable and newly built bathroom storage system. Whoever has an Adora has a treasure…. And that shows.

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