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Talking about the Burstner Dolphin is talking about a classic. In the camper world they know well what this model means, which since 2003 has contributed an important grain of sand to survival and evolution  of the caravaning.  Some are still circulating  units on a semi-eternal Renault chassis. That is a classic.

The one that became the decisive profiled motorhome of the 2000s on its own merits returns, this time with Citroën chassis, to liven up the family leisure time of the new families.

The best of German and French engineering come together in a model where modernity and tradition merge to seek, above all, the freedom of the client. The external decoration of the vehicle already suggests that this is a motorhome with excellent dynamic qualities. Blue stripes allow the Delfin to be, as in the past, an almost unique and exceptional model.

A  German chromaticism that does not easily go out of style.

Inside, things have evolved further. Almost two decades seems like a leap into the future.  Inside, the modern “Riva Loft” style furniture, which seeks a look  current  and a distinctly German feel, and  they stand out above all things. Burstner always makes practicality a top priority, which is why recesses and storage spaces abound. Wissenbourg's Alsatian wood finish brings that extra touch of refinement that helped the Delfin stand out from the rest.

In its 6.93 meters there is much to tell. The T 680 G has a face-to-face seating area that seats six around an extendable table. The large rear bathroom is another aspect that defines the model, where Burstner knows how to contribute. The 200 x 135 cm electrically operated folding bed just finished off the game. Its 142-liter refrigerator and interior brightness always make an impact.

The top model, Delfin T 732, provides even more size in its 7.20 meters, dedicated mainly to the bedroom and the bathroom. It retains all of the above and adds a large central rear bed and other customizable options to suit the client, such as a drop-down bed on the roof with electric drive and a bathroom, which in both years has direct access to the garage but can be divided here into two different spaces to increase privacy, with a toilet, sink and a large shower cubicle.  If we like privacy, this must  our choice ...

Elegance above all. This is a vehicle designed to pay tribute to a 17-year-old classic, but built according to current parameters. That means preserving its great successes, those that propelled the first Burstner Dolphin to Olympus: the flat floor to increase freedom on board, the excellent German finishes and insulation, the quality and modernity of its environment, based on well-graded contrasts….

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Javier Iglesias
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