Lithium batteries for motorhomes

Lithium batteries for motorhomes.

With the issue of batteries, we usually find ourselves with many doubts since there are many options on the market for powering our vehicles, so why lithium batteries? We mainly answer this question with two "problems" of the usual and more widespread AGM batteries.

One of the most common problems of AGM batteries that motorhomes usually carry is that no more than 50% or 60% should be discharged, if we want to maximize their useful life. Due to this, we find a reduction in the "useful load" of the battery to only half of the theoretical load (a 90Ah battery, or what is the same, 1,080W, we should only use a maximum of approximately 500W .

On the other hand, we have the important recharge of the batteries to continue with the consumption that we need. In the case of AGM batteries, recharging takes many hours, either through solar panels or through an alternator, external connection to 220V….

On the other hand, if we focus on lithium batteries, we will be able to solve these problems since the recharge capacity of these lithium batteries are much higher, they recharge much faster.

Lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries are preferably indicated for continuous use, where they are deeply discharged and recharged very frequently. They can be downloaded to the 100% and reloaded, without losing load capacity.

The latter is a great advantage to be able to completely unload them and restore the initial charge in much less time.

In addition to all these characteristics, lithium batteries have and provide a long life, reaching in deep discharges perfectly reaching 2,000 or 3,000 cycles and in slow discharges they can last even 4,000 cycles or more.

If it takes us a long time to use the motorhome, we have no problem, as we can recharge them on the day we leave without losing capacity (this is not the case with AGMs, which become sulphated and end up "dying").

What is very important for the installations of these batteries is that they have a "BMS system" since it will be in charge of regulating the loading and unloading automatically so that they do not deteriorate, if they also have an APP, we can see the mobile at any time state of charge.

From Comercial Caravaning we can offer you that advice that you have been looking for in this matter, you can contact us by email at and we will help you with whatever you need.

We can also help you with the lithium or AGM system that best suits your needs, depending on what you want to use inside your vehicle you will need to do an installation with more or less accessories and equipment.


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