Motorhomes less than 7 meters

If you think about acquiring or renting a motorhome of less than 7 meters, in the market you will find many options to find the correct model.

To do this, it knows some criteria such as the continuity of use that is going to be provided, the travel expectations and the size that is required to travel comfortably. Also, see the places of transport and the places you need to spend the night.

Advantages of a motorhome of less than 7 meters

You always have to find out about the different accessible brands and services of each one to choose the volume of the motorhome that best suits your demands.

Today we will tell you about some of the virtues shown by the smallest. Motorhome models under 7 meters are considered small. Within them, the lightest ones have the possibility of measuring up to two meters high and less than 4 meters long.

They are small piggyback houses with enough space to enjoy inside and outside of them.

There are small motorhomes, less than 6 meters long, which are fully equipped and also have a bathroom. They are functional and suitable so that, among other things, a couple can live or travel with peace of mind.

Some of the virtues that small motorhomes offer you are:

They are small enough but at the same time cozy and spacious inside.

You can visit various sites and ride the ferry without problems.

Capuchin motorhomes provide occupation and tranquility, fully utilizing the space.

Its composition includes above the cabin, where a fixed double bed can be placed. In addition, they have quite a few compartments and recesses for storing belongings and bulky items.

The profiled motorhomes are small and more aerodynamic models, which allow you to save fuel. If you need additional space, you can choose to add a trailer to the motorhome.

You can move more simply with them and maneuver comfortably.

You will be able to park in several places, not only on the camping surfaces, as long as the maximum height is not exceeded.

The agility parameters are the same as for passenger cars, as long as 3500 kg of GVW is not exceeded, and you drive it with the B driving license.

You can choose new or opportunity models, and equip it in your own way.

The free height is also another substantial issue, which in some models can be easily fixed by means of the extendable roofs that rise.

It is a way of carrying out a different type of tourism that makes it easier for you not only to understand the most popular locations, but also places that are far from the tourist routes, but not for this, less beautiful. In addition, it brings you closer to the practices of the various areas you visit and also to the people. It is a more humane tourism.

Some disadvantages of motorhomes under 7 meters

That small space brings discomfort, it is not similar to a large bathroom than a small sink in which as soon as you move you hit the walls with your elbows or hit the toilet on your shin.

There is no clothesline to dry wet clothes when we are on the go, nor do we have a refrigerator as huge as a home. There are also no chairs inside the motorhome, they are fixed seats for many people who usually force them to enter and exit in order.

In addition, this portable house does not have a general water, electricity or sewage network, it is dependent on its sovereignty and has restrictions. For this reason, you cannot be indefinitely in a dream place, distanced from everyone.

You have to fill the water tank, empty the waste and recharge the battery.

To all these problems we add a high purchase cost, a cost per kilometer that is also very prominent because they consume a lot and run little. You have to buy them annual insurance, road tax, ITV and the logical thing is to have a parking space so that it is not destroyed or burned under the sun.

Motorhomes shorter than 7 meters are a good option

The recognition of these transports has a clear justification. This is a cheap model built on the motorhome market.

Those who previously used their savings to acquire a second home in a leisure destination, at this time choose to invest less money including something that, incidentally, allows them to enjoy a reduced place of life somewhere.

However, if you are one of those who has always loved to travel big by road and at gas stations you look with envy at families who travel in luxury in, these transports you have to understand that it is not as simple as it looks.

There are several types and all have their good things and their bad things in functionality of the use that we want to offer you. However, motorhomes under 7 less are a great fit for small family groups.

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Totally according to the article, those of less than 7 meters are a very good option if you don't want to go overboard with the budget, for the first van, etc.


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