The figure of 5.40 meters is not trivial in the art of the camper, and certainly gives a lot to do. We could say that 540 centimeters are the figure for adventurers, since we enter directly into a category of motorhomes that allows us to enjoy freedom quickly,  to travel the narrower roads with more comfort and  have fewer problems if we decide to stroll through the interior of some populations.

In Comercial Caravaning we have the model you are looking for to give you the whim you deserve. They say it is  the vehicle of loners and couples. It may or may not, but it is clear that we have a vehicle that is going to give us a lot of satisfaction.

Laika Kosmo 5.4 It gives what it promises, like all the models of the prestigious Italian brand, but adds something else, perhaps that intangible brand that we could qualify as La Dolce Vita and that Laika knows how to print so well on its models.

That is the secret of this brand of Italian origin, which took as a reference the dog who traveled into space to discover its intrepid and, at the same time, close character.

Its development on another Italian myth such as the Fiat Ducato is a fantastic product. This 5.40 meter motorhome approved in principle for four seats provides enough space for a whole family of up to five people to spend the night (rear bedroom bed, the one in the dining room and the possibility of mounting one on a raised roof) and adds, incidentally, the characteristic taste for design and ingenious solutions from Laika.

The no less excellent Randger Van R540 uses its almost five and a half meters to, effectively, provide an excellent habitability that resembles the vehicle to a small apartment on wheels. But the French brand Randger has managed to imbue its model with its own identity, which uses Fiat's reliable Multijet engine with between 120 and 180 hp to allow it to face all kinds of challenges behind the wheel.

This is a vehicle with a family vocation, but for explorer families who appreciate innovation in the design and manufacture of their camper. We refer to an excellent modular rear bed, extraordinarily spacious, and extensive standard equipment both outside and inside the model, and a large number of equipment in each and every cabin of this recreational vehicle.

The objective, to provide a motorhome with comfort and practice that includes insulation with sandwich plates, multilayer aluminum insulation, glass wool and polystyrene to save resources and separate us from the most extreme climates. In France they also know how to do things

Bürstner Campeo C540 is another option to consider.

The new camper  Campeo opens up a world of possibilities. It is  a very versatile product with an extremely adventurous touch that will change the concept of leisure.  It really is a laboratory of experiences, where our hobbies can travel with us. 

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Javier Iglesias
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