One of the most hurried moments of every caravan driver is when it is time to clean the gray and black water tanks of the vehicle. Everything that refers to that aspect, getting rid of deposits and organic waste, is an aspect that -without a doubt- we will want to automate or reduce, because nobody likes to deal with these elements of their own free will. Fortunately, the market offers new alternatives and in Commercial Caravaning  we are willing to help you.

Inventions come into play here, such as the new WC called Cinderella, which burns waste, reducing it to ashes. The content of the toilet is transformed to its minimum expression in a totally ecological and hygienic way, allowing the user to forget about some of the most thorny aspects of camper life.

To begin with, because that way we get rid of searching and going to motorhome areas and paid campsites to unload the  waste deposit.  This increases the freedom and autonomy of the  motorhome driver, who has resorted to this lifestyle precisely to get rid of worries, enjoy more freedom, experience nature and probably even save money. Efficiency and comfort above all for our clients and friends.The Cinderella incinerator system, which is used not only for vehicles but also for country houses and vacation homes, or for any place where there is no adequate hygienic installation (such as, for example, developing areas), is absolutely ecological and does not harm to the nature.

The process involves burning organic waste in a sealed chamber capable of expelling combustion gases through a separate vent. The result is bacteria-free ashes that can later be recycled to fertilize our garden (they are rich in phosphorous and potassium), or that we can simply dispose of very comfortably.

Its virtues do not end there: it is easy to install, its design is elegant and it requires little space. And, in addition, they are safe, since they have a childproof system. Being so clean, it saves possible insect problems and the use of dangerous or harmful chemical products for us and the environment.

Because comfort is another fundamental aspect. This system does not leave odors in the process, and by burning the waste, it is precisely prevented from being generated later. It is also absolutely hygienic, for the same reasons, and clean: it does not require washing the waste tank.  One less obligation and one more improvement in our lives.

Precisely because caravanning consists precisely of enjoying and appreciating the natural environment without harming it, leaving as little footprint as possible at all times. This system makes it possible to completely eliminate waste, so that our passage through it is more innocuous and invisible than ever. We will no longer be forced to leave remains wherever we pass.

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Javier Iglesias
Javier Iglesias
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