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Although the coronavirus has definitely psyched us all on these issues, it has always been  necessary and recommended  keep the air inside our motorhome always clean. It is not a question of comfort or bad smells,  otherwise  also health, to create a family space suitable for everyone. 

This is almost  an obligation for those who may suffer   respiratory conditions.  It is a form of   be able to better enjoy the luxuries  that camper life offers us.

Comercial Caravaning, specialized in installing custom-made and personalized equipment in motorhomes, installs an excellent air purifier that cleans the vehicle's air of viruses and bacteria. The company, which knows very well how to adapt to the particularities and needs of each client and each model.

The professionals in our workshop know  the camper way of life perfectly, it has an ideal device for recreational vehicles that, moreover, perfectly responds to the needs of our days. .

The purifier includes three modules that work together to disinfect the air, purify it and eliminate viruses and other harmful elements at an amazing rate of 99.9%. It also does so with limited and efficient energy consumption, something that is always necessary in a vehicle with limited resources such as a motorhome.

Consumption is our autonomy. With only 8W / h powering us a perfect device to travel with the family without worrying about air quality, not to mention the radical reduction of bad odors.

The device also has other elements of interest, such as a timer that allows it to be turned off automatically as we have available, as well as a double return HEPA filter that, with its UV lamp and photocatalyst that collaborate in disinfection, forcefully eliminates harmful gases such as benzene, ammonia, or formaldehyde. In short, a product to have to make our  house on wheels a more comfortable and safe space.

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Javier Iglesias
Javier Iglesias
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