220 volts in Motorhomes


The camper life is the best life, but even so, there are some aspects that we have to know well to get the most out of the experience. And one of them is the energy and autonomy of the vehicle, prepared to cover great distances and operate autonomously, providing the caravanist with everything essential for modern life. At COMERCIAL CARAVANING we bet on the pleasure of pressing a button and having light or enjoying our favorite coffee. Simple, straightforward and uncomplicated.


Producing and conserving energy, and in particular electricity, is an aspect that must be well studied. But there are cases in which it is also necessary to simply increase the power or our energy reserve.


The basics are the simplest. Having a good electrical autonomy is, therefore, essential. Motorhomes come equipped with 12v outlets that work for most everyday electrical appliances, from electric toothbrushes to microwaves, but once you cover a certain minimum you're likely to need more.


That is why it is necessary to resort to 220V plugs and a three-phase cable, a not trivial matter, which we will have to take into account if we want our recreational vehicle to be suitable for living the camper experience to the fullest. It is possible to take our coffee maker or our stereo with us…


In our workshop we explain it to you quickly and without putting a note at the end of the class. The first thing to keep in mind in this case is to have a three-phase adapter for the charging cable, which is normally located on the outside of the vehicle.


The simplest thing is a current inverter that, connected to the aforementioned 12V socket or to the motor battery, provides us with the energy we need... knowing, yes, that the energy here is not unlimited, that we suck from our battery. This option is therefore limited to when the vehicle is on. The new lithium batteries are the best solution. The investment pays for itself quickly...


For friends of sustainability and ecology, having solar panels in our vehicle is the most effective and versatile solution. Undoubtedly, it is the way to solve the limitations of what has been exposed so far.


The economic outlay is greater since it requires installation, although the process is usually simple and can also be undertaken by the crafty caravanist. Once set up, they are a reliable, tremendously economical and yes, ecological solution that allows the motorhome to be self-sufficient in the harshest weather conditions, away from the madding crowd and over a surprisingly long period of time.


Another solution is that of the classic gasoline or diesel generators. They allow not to depend on cables, but they are heavier, take up more space and are less ecological. The noise of a gasoline or diesel engine (and the smell) is definitely a con in this option, not to mention the ecology. We can also find gas generators, but we have the same problem. Every time you can get more performance and have better soundproofing, but high-performance devices are expensive.


The options are varied and in our facilities department we are going to explain it to you in every way. Do not trust the handyman... Energy can be a source of pleasure and problems.




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Javier Iglesias
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