Solo travel: tips and advice for daring travelers

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Hello caravaners!

Today we are going to give you some tips for traveling alone. Surely you have already heard that one has not really traveled until it has been done alone. We would not say so much, but it is true that traveling with the only company of oneself is an enriching and completely transforming experience.

By traveling alone, we find ourselves, we get to know ourselves better and we discover the places we pass through in a much more authentic way.

Here are some tips and keys to enjoy really this adventure. Even so, remember that you are the protagonist.


Plan leaving room for improvisation

Before any trip, we have to close the two main aspects: the destination and the means of transport. Once we choose it, we can see what we should plan: tickets, accommodation reservations, restaurants, etc ...

However, we do not recommend keeping everything closed. Many times, the most incredible thing about a trip is what appears suddenly. In this sense, it is advisable to have a series of covered points, accommodation if we go to an area with high occupancy or in high season, places that we want to visit with limited places, etc ... In addition, on many occasions there are significant discounts for buy tickets online. But, in the same way, we must also be open to other possibilities that we have not even considered.

If, for example, we travel by road, either by car or caravan, treat yourself to driving on back roads and stop by some of the towns that we find along the way. If, suddenly, we find the sign of a protected natural area or a monument of interest, allow yourself to deviate from the routine. You will surely not regret it!

If you stay in a camping, a hotel or an accommodation, find out if they do activities or if there is a festivity in the town or in a nearby town. Many times the most amazing experiences are not where we think they are.


Immerse yourself in the local culture

There is nothing like traveling alone to truly immerse yourself in a destination. That we go alone does not mean that we will be alone during the trip. Many people claim that traveling alone is the best way to really get to know the locals.

From the outset, we have different options. From looking for someone who offers for free to hosting us on platforms such as Couchsurfing, even going to a bar, asking around the street or trying to make friends with other travelers we meet at our campsite or accommodation.

We recommend that you have no qualms when it comes to ask people on the street. You will be surprised by the kindness of the people and surely their advice will help you learn new things about your destination.

If we go in a caravan or stay in an apartment, it is also interesting go to the local market and buy some of the specialties of the area to cook ourselves. If you don't know how to do it, ask the grocer or other customers, another chance to meet new people!

Try to go beyond tourist attractions. Take your time to breathe, reflect, observe people and the environment. The good thing about traveling alone is that we are not dependent on anyone nor do we have to be in any rush. Let each place surprise us as we learn about who we are and what we want.


Traveling alone in a caravan

Of course, we are not going to leave you without some tips for traveling alone in a caravan. Going anywhere with our little house in tow has great advantages, but we also have to be aware that we will not have the co-pilot support and we will have to take care of everything.

In that sense, planning it becomes an even more important aspect. Before we start, we must have everything we may need ready during the journey.

Having a bottle of water and sunglasses ready to avoid being dazzled are two of the most important sections. It is also advisable to have the card or cash on hand if we plan to pass a toll.

If we are one of those who love music, nothing like making our own selection for the trip. Those songs will end up becoming part of the OST of your life.

Take a look at the service areas What is on the road and which ones are enabled to spend the night with our caravan will also come in handy when it comes to feeling safer on the road. We will know where to take breaks and where we should end the day.

Of course, download maps from Google Maps it is also essential. By going alone we will not be able to look at the map while driving and thus avoid getting lost if the GPS coverage.

Finally, do not forget to enjoy all the adventures that the road presents you!

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