Traveling in a motorhome with children: how to entertain them?

Traveling by motorhome with children it can turn into quite a feat. All the little ones are excited when they know that they are going to embark on a journey full of adventure, in contact with nature and with new places to explore. Sleeping away from home, in different environments every day, is something that fascinates them. So far, so good. But then the restlessness of the time to be spent on the road appears.

Because, of course, although adults love to contemplate the landscape through the window, children usually do not pay the slightest attention to it. So ... how can you distract them to make the journey more enjoyable for the whole family? If you are some parents with children between 3 and 12 years old And you want your days in the motorhome to be unforgettable, in a positive sense, take a look at these little tips.


Tips for traveling in a motorhome with children

Ok, if you give the children the mobile phone or 'the little machine' they stay calm, but in this article we want to give you some tips so that children travel calmly while interacting with you (especially with the co-pilot, let the driver dedicate himself to drive). Here we go!

travel by motorhome with children#1. Make lots of stops

As reflected in a study carried out by the brand Tom tom of navigation products, it takes children around half an hour to get bored in vehicles. That means that, shortly after starting, they will already be asking the eternal questions that bother their parents so much: How long to arrive? or is it missing a lot? To avoid making the journeys so long, it is best to make many stops even if they are shorter. At times of your four meals a day, you can find a rest area (where it is allowed to stop), without having to eat in a hurry in the car.

Also, it is essential to stop when they start to get nervous. If possible, somewhere where the little ones can run around and give free rein to their motor concerns. Even if the bike is taken, a reasonable amount of time can be left for them to enjoy it.

It is true that the trip will be a bit heavier for you because you will have to stop more times, but even if it takes longer, think that the journey will be healthier: they will not bother you so much and they will stress your nerves less.

#2. Bring them toys so they can have fun

Never forget to bring the games that you like the most. If several siblings or friends go, they can entertain themselves and leave the parents alone. It is also good to have your favorite toy, which will serve as comfort when they get sleepy or feel tired.

And we must not lose sight of the fact that children love it have fun with the elderly. Games that can be done together, such as I see-I see, guess what is seen through the window or simply sing songs, they will love it.

Especially if only one child is traveling with you, it is important that you play some of the games with him so that he does not feel alone or isolated. A good measure (whenever possible) would be to sit with the little one in the back so that they feel us closer and less fuss.

#3. Includes children's books

Always leave a place in the motorhome for story books. Make sure they have lots of pictures to look at, without having to get dizzy reading. And of course, coloring books with their pencil boxes. With this they will put boredom aside for a while.

#4. One cartoon session a day

Although you should never abuse, the little ones in the house find it comforting and relaxing to see their favorite drawings. The important thing is not to be tempted to wear them all the way. In moderation, it will be a good help to entertain them. If you have a tablet, charge it with your favorite drawings before leaving and the battery recharged. You can also include a game in which they have to interact and think and sit with them to help them. Thus, in addition to playing and entertaining, they can learn while traveling.

The fundamental of travel by motorhome with children It is that it does not matter that it takes longer to arrive, it is also about enjoying the road. In addition, these trips are usually long and being patient is essential not to go crazy. If even so the little ones do not relax, always try to bother the driver as little as possible and, peace of mind! After all, they are the kings of the house 🙂

What advice would you give to other parents who are traveling with children in the caravan? Leave your advice in a comment, they will surely appreciate it!

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