Caravan route through the Portuguese Algarve: 8 essential stops

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Hello caravan!

We have returned to the blog to tell you again about routes with our motorhome. On this occasion, to tell you about a caravan route through the Algarve and 10 stops you should make in the south of Portugal.

The Algarve has something that everyone who has gone falls in love with. There are few who do not repeat and there is no one who has not admired the incredible landscapes that they have had the opportunity to see.

Also, this beach area wild It has many places to camp with our caravan or motorhome facing the sea, which makes this a perfect destination for caravan lovers like you. If you have not been to the Algarve yet, choose a date and pack your bags, because it is a destination that will blow you away. Do you want to see the stops that you should not miss? Let's go there!

Caravan route through the Algarve: 8 obligatory stops

#1. Tavira

One of the first towns that you will find as soon as you cross the border is Tavira. It is around 25 kilometers from the border with Spain and about 30 from Faro, the capital of the region.

Tavira is a quiet and cozy town, which you should not go to if you are looking for too much nightlife. It is ideal to spend a few days of relaxation and calm. This town, moreover, receives fewer tourists than the central area of the Algarve which makes this town a paradise for the less conventional. That is why we consider it to be a mandatory first.

Tavira, Algarve (Portugal).


#2. Lighthouse

Capital of the Algarve and one of the most visited places in the south of the country. It stands out for its cultural, gastronomic and nightlife offer. But, above all, it stands out for its postcard beaches and its fantastic climate in summer.

It is the closest city to the airport in case you are going to go by plane. Finally, Faro stands out Ria Formosa natural park. A total of 179 hectares of nature, flora and fauna that make Faro the perfect combination for those who want to enjoy nature and the beach in the same trip.

caravan routes through the algarve
Faro, Algarve (Portugal).


#3. Vilamoura

Famous for its huge marina, casino and golf courses. The most chic, elegant and sophisticated area of the Algarve is a perfect corner for those who want to surround themselves with an atmosphere of luxury and elite.

Although we are not millionaires, we do not have a yacht or play in the casino, it is worth making a stop in Vilamoura to see the incredible yachts that dock there and get to know a town different from the rest of the Algarve.

caravan routes through the algarve
Vilamoura, Algarve (Portugal).


#4. Albufeira

Albufeira is the fourth stop on our tour. Tourist and nerve center par excellence in the Algarve. So much so that it has come to be called mass tourism that you suffer In this city.

The whole city is full of hotels and apartments that, especially in summer, fill up with tourists to enjoy the beaches and promenades.

You will not find a great cultural or historical offer, but nevertheless you will not miss the nightlife of bars and clubs and stalls and markets on the seafront.

caravan routes through the algarve
Albufeira, Algarve (Portugal),


#5. Carvoeiro

Belonging to the municipality of Lagoa, Carvoeiro is a Portuguese parish that stands out for its tranquility and calm. It is ideal for families or couples who want to enjoy a relaxed vacation, away from the mass tourism of its neighboring Albufeira or Portimao.

In addition to offering Praia de Carvoeiro, you will find the option of hiking and climbing routes. Special mention deserves the Praia de Marinha, considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe and one of the 100 best valued worldwide. It is an icon in the Algarve area and it is worth visiting it to see it. Recommended!

caravan routes through the algarve
Carvoeiro, Algarve (Portugal).


caravan routes through the algarve
Praia de Marinha, Lagoa (Portugal).


#6. Portimao

Despite being one of the southern Portuguese towns that receive the most tourism, it is still one of those that more and better conserves its local and traditional architecture.

Praia da Rocha It is the most touristic area of this city, which you will find crowded with tourists whatever time it is when you come to visit it. The good? The extension of the beach will catch your attention, very wide and spacious.

The visit stands out, on the other hand, the view of the river Arde that flows a few kilometers from the center of the city. You will not find the traditional Portuguese charm in Portimao but it is nice to take a walk through the historic center of the city.

routes in algarve
Praia da Rocha, Portimao (Portugal)


#7. Lakes

Famous for the wall that surrounds its historic center and its cliffs. It offers both a family life with entertainment for all ages and an incessant nightlife for the liveliest.

It is usually recommended spend at least two days in Lagos to see the essentials and enjoy the city as it deserves. This area is less busy and oppressive than Albufeira or Portimao, so it is ideal if you flee from the big crowds.

The beach that you cannot miss in Lagos is Praia da Luz. It is a tourist complex located 6 kilometers from the center of Lagos. Its beaches are fabulous and a perfect destination for families with young children.

caravan routes through the algarve
Lagos, Algarve (Portugal).


#8. Sagres

The last stop our caravan route through the Algarve: Sagres and the Cape of San Vicente. One of the most magical places to see an impressive sunset. In addition, the town of Sagres is a space full of tranquility and peace. It is still away from the tourist masses, so it is ideal if you want to disconnect from the bustle of other crowded towns in the Algarve. Sagres is, without a doubt, the perfect place to end our route.

caravan route through the algarve
Sagres, Algarve (Portugal).


Cabo de San Vicente, Sagres (Algarve)

Have you already been on a caravan route through the Portuguese Algarve and made other stops? Let us know in a comment!

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Comments (26)

Rosario Perez

I would like to have a route to go to Portugal in May from Seville to Lisbon by caravan. Thank you.

Sergio Medina


We would like to make a route through Portugal in a caravan and I would like to know complete information on the beaches to visit, if you can park on the same beaches and other information.


Hello, we will do this route through the Algarve from Monday, the 11th, can you recommend me a motorhome camping site, thank you


I have rented a camper van and we want to make a route along the coast of Portugal. We go with a little girl and we leave Cáceres. Some route recommendation. Thank you


Hello, I am from Barcelona, I plan to go in August to Portugal, and I had thought about the route to get to the Algarve.
I do not know if in 7 days I have time to do everything I want, I could scratch some more day, so I want to prioritize and see how beautiful it is, not the most touristy. if you can help me.



How long did you do the route?


Good afternoon.
I wanted to do this route at Easter. I would arrive on Wednesday night and leave on Monday at noon.
For just those days, which are the most recommended sites since I will have to make a selection.
Thanks a lot.
a greeting

Julian Lopez Perez

Hello, I am planning to do the route, and I would like to know if there is any difficulty in fishing in the area or if a special permit is required.
Thanks greetings


Hello, could you tell me a campsite or where to spend the night in Lagos? It would be with Motorhome !! Thanks


Hello, I would need a recommendation to see the Algarve at Easter, the idea is to make the base at the Turiscampo campsite. We only have 4 days and the idea is to focus on lakes and sagres, I do not think there is more. A greeting.


Any recommended place to snorkel? I have heard that the Algarve is highly recommended to practice it.
Thank you


Hello, can you tell me? The names of the Tavira and Sagrera campsites. Thank you

Comercial Caravaning

Hi Hibel,

From what we have seen on the internet, in Tavira are the PSP Camping Park, Ria Formosa Camping, Ilha de Tavira Camping Park and Caliço Park. For its part, in Sagres we find Camping & Bungalows Orbitur Sagres and Surfcamp Portugal: Wavy Surf Camp Algarve.


I am interested in doing the Algarve in a caravan, it would be our first time. Is it mandatory or recommended that I spend the night at the campsite? Thanks a lot.


Hi. Next week we are going 4 days to the Algarve by motorhome. I would like to know the areas to spend the night closest to the beaches of Lago, Portimao, Albufera and any other that you advise us. Thank you


Hello I would like to know your experience, if you have come to go, I am going this weekend and I don't know how things are with the covid issue. We go by motorhome and we plan to spend the first night in Benagil and the second in Lagos. Are there any restrictions on the covid? Is the police usually more alert? In the auropista and stuff…. Thanks in advance.

Comercial Caravaning

Hi dove,

You are not required to go to a campsite, as long as the caravan is parked. What does this imply? That only the wheels are resting on the ground (or the chocks in their absence), and that no element of the caravan protrudes outwards (windows, doors ...). That is, you can sleep and eat in the caravan and live inside as long as the caravan does not occupy more space than the closed caravan. You can open the roof, for example, but you cannot extend the canopy, pour fluids, or remove chairs and tables.

If you have any other questions, tell us.

A greeting.


Hello, I think I will follow your route! Thank you very much, we left from Huelva. Can you tell us free parking areas on the beach?
a greeting

Comercial Caravaning

Hello Roberto!

Are you going by car or caravan? If you go by car to all the beaches, you easily have areas to park. If it is in a caravan, tell us which specific beach you are referring to and we will give you a hand in what we can.

A greeting.


Hello, we are looking at the Route and we wanted to know how the topic is going to camp today in a motorhome in Sagres, Lake ...
Thank you

Maria Jesus

I would like to know where to park my caravan in Portimao, Albufeira, thank you

Comercial Caravaning

Hi Hibel!

Well, beyond the towns that we recommend in the article, although the entire Algarve is beautiful, it would be interesting if you would review some camping sites beforehand where you can stay with the caravan so that you are not caught off guard.

Ah! If you've never been, keep in mind that the water will be colder than in Malaga, hehe.

A greeting.


Hello, thank you, I will follow your route

Roberto Gonzalez

Hello, we ventured for the first time in a motorhome and it will be our first stop, we go from Ourense to the Algarve and then we go up the entire Portuguese coast… We are going with girls, can you recommend a route for eight days and camping areas ??? Thank you very much in advance

Luis Ferrero

Hello Roberto, we are going from Ourense to the winery on July 26 if you go before, tell us why we also go with the children and it is our first adventure in a motorhome
I don't see if someone answered you.
Have fun


I would like to go in October with my caravan. They will ask me to help. With the route I live in Malaga Spain

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