Norway caravan routes: wild nature

Hello again, caravaners!

Today we are going to take you to one of the most impressive countries in Europe: Norway. This country in Scandinavia has some of the most impressive routes to travel by caravan. In addition, it is a country with a great love for nature and camping, so we will have great facilities to carry out our particular odyssey.

Advantages of traveling by caravan in Norway

The biggest advantage of traveling by caravan in Norway is that it is a country with wild camping. This allows us to travel throughout its geography very economically, without having to spend additional money on accommodation. Keep in mind that the Scandinavian country is one of the most expensive in Europe, along with Iceland and Switzerland. Therefore, to be able to go with our caravan and sleep and Cook In it, it will allow us to make a trip within reach of few pockets if we have to resort to hotels and restaurants.

The only thing we have to keep in mind is that Camping is not allowed more than 150 meters from any inhabited house or cabin. Is the call allemenansretten or, translated, Right of access and it is also valid to park caravans and motorhomes.

Likewise, we must point out that there are service areas where you can change the water and empty the toilets all over the country. It is important to do it only in the areas authorized for it.

Next, we review the three most interesting routes in the Nordic country.


#1. Route of the Fjords

If there is one thing Norway is famous for, it is its Fjords. These submerged valleys offer completely spectacular landscapes and are located along the entire Norwegian coast thanks to the action of its glaciers.

The best way to start this route is from the capital, Oslo. As there are so many fjords, we will have to decide which is the option that interests us the most. We recommend stopping first at Geirangerfjord with its viewpoints of Flydalsjuvet and Dalsnibba, as well as the Seven Sisters waterfall. This fjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The next essential fjord is Sognefjord, which translated has the precious name of fjord of dreams. Nearby, next to Bergen, is the Trolltunga, considered the most spectacular viewpoint on the entire planet. If we decide, we have to bear in mind that the hiking route to this stone suspended almost in a vacuum is quite complicated.

Finally, we can finish our route visiting the Preikestolen, Hardangerfjord and Lysefjord fjords.

In this area, we recommend the Oldevatn campsite, the Moysand Family Camping or the Randsverk campsite, in the National Park.


#2. Route of the Northern Lights

While the first option is ideal for the summer, this second route is more recommended for the period between September 21 and March 21. On these dates, it is when there are more possibilities to see the Northern Lights. As a counterpart to one of the most impressive natural spectacles in the world, we will have temperatures well below zero degrees on a regular motorhome safety

To be able to do this route, it is also necessary to have a little more time. To the slightly more than 30 hours between Spain and Norway, we must add about 20 hours of route between Oslo and the Lofoten Islands and an additional 14 between these islands and the North Cape, the two major stops on this route.

Despite hours of driving, we will meet heart-stopping landscapes in a barely inhabited area, with the feeling of traveling to the end of the world. If we have less time, we can also choose only one of the two destinations.

In the Lofoten Islands, the most recommended campsite is Ramberg Gjestegård. For its part, in the North Cape, we can choose between the Nordkapp Camping and the Kirkeporten.


#3. Route of the Capitals

Although the wild nature is the most striking thing about Norway, the country also has cities that are worth visiting. The last of the routes that we propose is called route of the capitals and that leads through the most important cities in the south of the country.

Although it seems like an urban route, it should be noted that we will have to cross some of the most spectacular fjords between each of them, uniting nature and culture.

We will start in Oslo, the capital of the country, where we cannot miss its Opera building and we will end in Bergen, the second city of the country, known for typical Hanseatic architecture.

In between we will stop at Kristiansand, the southernmost city in the country, with a spectacular beach, and in Stavanger, the Norwegian capital of oil and third largest agglomeration in the country. On the outskirts of each of these towns we will find camping areas for caravans, so we can easily approach them by bicycle.

#4. Aspects to consider

Finally, we cannot forget some aspects that we cannot forget. The first thing is the weather. The temperatures are quite cold and it is also quite humid. In the southernmost area of the country, we can have a climate in summer similar to Galicia, but as we enter the interior or the coast, the temperatures will gradually drop.

It should also be noted that Norway has an oceanic climate and as such, the rains are constant throughout the year. Therefore, having warm waterproof clothing will be essential for this adventure.

Finally, we must name the restrictions that exist for the use of fire during the summer. Bonfires cannot be lit next to forests between April 15 and September 15, although they can be lit in areas with low fire risk.

You already have everything you need to discover Norway! Enjoy your trip!

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HELLO, we are a large couple (68 and 65) adventurers. We want to drive through the Nordic countries, in particular Norway, by caravan or auto camper. We want to go in June and as we fly to Barcelona we would like to know if it is convenient for us to take a caravan in Barcelona and go and return and how much time we need for it, or if it is better for us to take the caravan in Oslo, for example, and fly there from Barcelona and in this case how many days do we need to make a quiet and pleasant trip. THANKS A LOT. WILLIAM


How much would it cost to travel from Madrid to Norway and the Lofoten Islands in a Caravan for just 1 person?

Mari carmen

I am thinking of traveling to Norway this December and I would like to know if the route of the fjords could be done by car or if it is necessary to spend the night there because it is very long.
Thank you


Hello Mari Carmen! In the first place it is possible that I am late and you have already done that route, but if not, I will tell you.

To give you an idea, the trip from Göteborg to Bergen is about 900 kms, in which it took us 12 hours, three people, without children in a light car. The trip is amazing, full of waterfalls that come down from between the clouds and mountains, and I say clouds because sometimes the clouds will cover the origin of the waterfalls.
Norwegian roads are bad, poorly marked and with countless animals, both domestic and wild, so the journey is slow.
My advice is that you do this route in summer, where you will have many hours of light to enjoy those landscapes (it depends on the area you can wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and the sun set around 12 at night ), and in winter do a route like the auroras, which are the perfect dates to see some of them. I say this because winter in Norway is hard, cold and dark, so you won't be able to see anything that doesn't shine, and that's where the auroras come into play ...

For the rest, go ahead !! Scandinavia is one of those places that you have to visit and stop long enough to enjoy it. I recommend a trip of at least 15 days to see something. Do not miss the Lappish area, in the polar circle, where Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia meet, enjoy its culture and its people, visit Rovaniemi if you go with children and go to Santa's house, make a route sledding ...

If you go by car, caravan or motorhome, you will need a month to see the most touristy, a lifetime to know almost everything ...

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