Can you camp on the beach in Spain with your motorhome?

Traveling and camping on the beach is one of the most relevant experiences you can have. In Spain, in relation to the area, different authorities, such as municipalities or the nature conservation authority, are responsible for wild camping. For this reason, there are different directives and sanctions that cannot be standardized.

It is easy to spend the night in the car, but you do not have to put camping chairs in front of the car, as this would transform a rest break into a wild camping.

Can I camp on the beach? Is it legal to park on the beaches of Spain?

Knowing the difference between camping and parking, you have to know that in Spain camping on the beach is not allowed. And not only in campers and motorhomes, but also in tents.

Many choose to choose a campsite with access to the sea, which are not few that exist on all the coasts of Spain.

Or, near the coast and take advantage of the parking places enabled, as we mentioned previously, choose for parking instead of camping.

This newer alternative is not only the most economical in relation to a campsite, but it is also the most versatile.

You have the possibility of using public showers, or those in places such as public sports centers. In this case, you are going to have to pay. The sites need maintenance and continue to take care of our hygiene. For this, there are service surfaces specifically enabled.

In addition to showers, we will also find where to pour wastewater, which is another inconvenience that occurs in this type of trip.

How to camp on the beach with a camper or motorhome without having the inconvenience of fines

The key point is exactly to differentiate between what is a camping and a parking lot. Near the beach, where it is legal to park, we will have the possibility of doing the same with our motorhome and camper.

And this means that within the transport, we have the possibility to eat and rest in this way as to carry out some other activity inside the motorhome.

You can do it as long as you respect what the General Directorate of Traffic considers parking, and not camping.

In the case of camper, we will have the possibility of unfolding the roof without any inconvenience to activate the upper bed.

In this way, you take advantage of it to have more usable space inside. This is something that in motorhomes is not a requirement.

But they will not allow you to use the awning, among other things. In motorhomes, we will not have the possibility of exploiting generators either, because they emit noise. What we do have the possibility of carrying out is having the transport on.

Camping on the beach with your motorhome in Spain has its regulations

We can all find a reason to visit Spain. Every year thousands of Europeans head to this beautiful holiday destination with their motorhome.

However, remember that it is impossible to spend the night anywhere in Spain. Wild camping can be allowed under various conditions, and controls are not strict everywhere. But instead, it is only allowed to spend the night in parking lots designed for motorhomes, or in campsites or in vineyards or orchards, among other things.

Wild camping is not allowed in any of Spain's national parks.

It is allowed to park a motorhome anywhere, as long as the parking space is correct and there is no sign that prohibits the parking of huge transports.

Eating and drinking in a parked motorhome is fine, but converting a parking space into a 'motorhome pitch' is not allowed.

This means that you do not have the possibility to put tables and chairs outside. Also, the awning must be kept folded. These are some of the tips that we can give you to be able to camp on the beach in Spain and live great moments.

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