Hiking backpack: what to take when we go out on the road

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Today we want to focus on backpacks for hikers: what should we include? What things are essential? Does it influence whether it is winter or summer? Here we go!

Hiking backpack: what we must include to be safe

Some accidents or misfortunes that have happened on routes through the mountains have occurred due to a lack of caution or lack of material with which to solve a problem. Many scares, falls or slips on a route could have been avoided if we had the basic protections and safety measures.

We are going to see what to include in our backpack as hikers whenever we go out on the road and later, we will see what to include in our backpack according to the season of the year in which we are. Before starting, we must also bear in mind that not all the elements that we see are 100% necessary in all routes, but that it will depend on the difficulties of the same.

What to carry in your backpack as a hiker whenever you go out on the road?

#1. Water

We recommend that you carry at least two liters of water, and it would be perfect if you took three. Especially in summer, drinking water while you are walking is essential to stay hydrated at all times. In addition, if you suffer an incident that forces you to stay in the mountains for a few hours, it is better to prevent yourself by bringing enough water to drink.

#2. Food

Accompany the water with bananas, apples, walnuts or even a snack to have something to eat in case you get hungry. As with water, if you have to spend some time in the mountains it is better to be careful and carry something to eat in your backpack.

#3. Sun cream and sunglasses

Surely you have ever burned your nose a bit in the sun in winter! The rays of the winter sun can also burn our skin, and even more than in summer since as we do not feel that there is heat we do not protect ourselves. For this reason, and especially while in the snow, it is essential to apply enough sunscreen before leaving and repeat the process during the journey.

#4. Suitable footwear

It seems like a no-brainer, but wearing good hiking boots is very important. In the first place, because the ankle is more subject with the boot than with a normal sports shoe and it serves as protection; secondly, it grips the ground better and does not slip as much as a rubber shoe; and thirdly, they are more waterproof than fabric sneakers in the event of rain or deep puddle.

#5. Mobile, GPS or compass

Now most of the mobile phones we have have location and easily load maps. But it can happen that we run out of battery or that we do not have enough internet and / or coverage to load the data we are looking for.

Our recommendation is that before leaving you download the map of the area to be able to consult it without the need for connection (it is easily downloadable with Google Maps). It also includes a compass that allows you to orient yourself and find where you should go. If in addition to all that you have a physical map that you can carry, perfect!

#6. Basic kit

The backpack includes a small toiletry bag with the basics: alcohol, plasters, tape, cotton, hydrogen peroxide, small scissors, mercromine and a bandage. This will suffice in case of a cut with a branch or a bite. Also add some anti-inflammatory medication and other antihistamines for allergies.

#7. Additional features

Although they are in the category of extras, they do not mean that they are less important: always carry a flashlight and a knife with you. You will appreciate it!


Hiking backpack: summer special

Although it is always colder in the mountains than in the cities, when the heat hits in Spain you have to be protected wherever you are. These are some extra items to include in the backpack if the route is in summer:

  • Short-sleeved shirt that breathes. In addition to the one you are already wearing, include another shirt in your backpack so you can change in case of excess sweat, for example.
  • Cap to protect the head from the sun
  • Extra shorts and extra breathable socks
  • Even if it's hot, carry a fleece in your backpack because at night the temperature can drop significantly and you may need something warm


Hiking backpack: winter special

  • Hat, rain jacket, extra socks, extra fleece lining, fleece collar and thermal shirts. Fighting against the cold in the mountains is not easy, so we must be especially warm and wear extra clothes in case the temperatures drop a lot.
  • Depending on the type of route, it includes snowshoes and poles to allow you to walk more easily through the snow.


Extra tip!

Whatever season of the year it is, take a plastic bag with you to put all the waste you generate during the day there. Caring for the countryside and nature is our obligation and following a series of basic tips Together we can take care of the mountain to make it clean, just as we would like to find it.

What do you include in your backpack when you go out on the road? Anything important that is not on this list? Leave us a comment with your basics for hiking.

A hug!

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I also include a battery bank, and a coat with a cord to be able to have something warm in case of very cold.


A tarp, and a poncho in both winter and summer ... Just in case.


A lighter and a whistle. You never know…

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