Safety must always be our priority at the wheel. And in the case of caravanning, also once we finish the route on the road and “settle down” with our vehicle at our destination. This key works for all seasons, but when the cold and winter arrive, there are a number of additional factors specific to the season that we must take into account. At Comercial Caravaning we have everything you need to better understand the comfort that safety provides.

As for pure comfort, the cold enters through joints in poor condition that we must check, and also through unavoidable glazed surfaces, which we can cover well with insulating sunshades. Taking care of the gasoline and other fuels for the heating system is always a good idea, in case we are “stranded” unexpectedly.  Fuel is autonomy.

It is also advisable to have propane gas instead of butane, since it loses its properties at a much lower temperature. Also be careful if the water tanks, whether potable or gray, freeze, and may break pipes or other structures! A good tip in the case of water coming from the shower or the sink is to pour a small amount of alcohol to avoid freezing.

Once we are underway we have to know very well how to drive on snow and ice, in addition to taking good care that the accumulation of it in the vehicle does not affect our driving or - be careful - close the ventilation outlets of the same.

Traveling with a shovel, even a small one, can save us from big problems when parking or reduce the weight of a structure with piled snow. We don't even talk about the chains for the wheels: it is an accessory that we must have yes or yes. Driving on a road with a risk of ice implies, moreover, the same risk as with a conventional car: reducing speed and, in the case of excessive wind, holding the steering wheel well in case you change direction or a truck or another structure causes wind blows in our camper.

Luckily, specialists such as those from Comercial Caravaning take into account all our needs, and what's more, they anticipate them with various equipment proposals that can make our camper life much easier and more interesting.

Sir, go further, only they have the so-called "Security Pack", which for a very reasonable price provides us with the latest technological elements to protect our motorhome ... and ourselves. This equipment has no complexes and can bring our vehicle closer to avant-garde premium brands, which we can look at from you to you.

Sleep soundly doesn't cost as much with the GT alarm with volumetric sensors on all vehicle windows that also adapt to both day and night. To them we can add an alarm for butane or propane, as well as toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and other narcotics, to prevent us from any eventuality in this regard.

In addition, there are also physical elements in case there is another class of unwanted presences. We refer to the Safe Door Frame and the Safe Door Guardian (a series of external safety locks for the rear doors and the passenger compartment, in the first case, and also for the cabin doors, in the second).

Electricity is our friend, but we must cover all protection spectra. The security pack provides a current cut-off device to control first-hand who inserts the motorhome keys into the ignition.

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Javier Iglesias
Javier Iglesias
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