Italy by caravan: we tour the island of Sicily

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The article we promised with the recommended routes and essential stops on the island of Sicily is here. It is the third route that we propose to travel through Italy, since we have traveled the north of the country and the entire central area of the pasta kingdom. For those who like to travel in an adventurous way, and we assume that you are one of them if you are reading this, stay with us to see how to spend 10 days traveling through Sicily to fall in love with this Mediterranean island.

Ten-day tour of Sicily

Many of the most modern travelers consider the renting or buying a caravan to make their trips more freely and in this way, have complete independence to discover the most remote places of any place where they have decided to travel.

Day 1 and 2: Syracuse, Noto and Cava de Cassibile

Syracuse is one of the cities with the greatest wealth in its heritage; although, Italy is plagued with them. Those who arrive here will be able to enjoy the beautiful sanctuary of Santa Madonna de las Lágrimas or the Aretusa fountain. A day can be dedicated to the city.

However, once you reach Syracuse by caravan, travelers will find themselves very close to visiting Noto. There are beautiful Baroque buildings to see, along with Cava del Cassibile, with lakes and several pools that, together with the warm climate of Sicily, will make it impossible to leave without taking a good bath. Visits will span the second day of your trip.



Day 3 and 4: Catania

On the third day it will be advisable to leave for Catania. You will have stunning views of the Etna volcano, which not only continues to be active, but also stands out because it is the highest in Europe. In addition, you cannot miss the Ursino castle, the cathedral and, especially, the Monastery of San Benedetto and that of the Benedictines. Only then will the visit be complete.

Also, you can visit in Roman Amphitheater, Duomo Square or the Palace of the Elephants. In Catania no one is bored! Of course, those who want to enjoy these cultural delights will have to reserve at least a day and a half of their trip, which already places them on day 5 to leave for Taormina.



Day 5: Taormina

One of the best routes that can be done in Taormina is the climb to Mount Tauros, which will leave unforgettable views. Another of the most recommended places is the Greek theater, which has panoramic views of the Etna volcano for its visitors, in addition to the naxos bay. The Mazzaro area will be ideal to park the caravan.


Day 6 and 7: Messina

On the 6th it will be time to head to Messina, a highly seismic area. The most famous thing about Messina is its chairHe, a survivor of a great earthquake. Other ideal visits for those passing through Messina are the Giants, the Orione Fountain, Gennaro Fountain and the famous Diocesan Museum.

For those who like to take a good bath, we recommend not to miss the opportunity to visit the Pollara beach. Although you have to go by sea, it is really close and its waters are very warm.

Day 8: Palermo

The option that we have left for the 8th is Palermo. Those who go will enjoy its Mediterranean atmosphere and its charming streets. They highlight the Cathedral and Palatine Chapel, he Archaeological Museum and the Ballaró Market.


Day 9: Cefarú

Cefarú is located next to Palermo and is protected by the rock that bears its name. Visitors will be able to see from the top of its hill the views of the place and the temple of Diana. It has incredible golden sand beaches to visit.

Day 10: Tindari

You can visit the remains of the ancient Greek city of Tyndaris and the sanctuary of the Madonna Nera.

Italy by caravan It is one of the most unforgettable experiences that can be lived by those who simply want to hit the road and embark on the journey. Although it is highly recommended to draw certain routes to make the most of the days. Do not miss it!

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maria reyes

Good Morning.
We are going to Sicily from 01/02/20 to 01/09/20, we are 2 adults and a 14 year old teenager.
We want to do the tour in a motorhome.
Can you please give us any recommendation on where to rent it?
Our dream is to buy one later, but for now we are going by plane to Catania.
Thank you very much in advance for your attention.
kings 606328965


Good morning, I would like to know if it is advisable to go by caravan to Sicily in August. Are the temperatures too high to sleep? Where do I park my AC?

Greetings and thank you


Ros Vel

Holaaa !!, and to continue to the Amalfi coast?

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