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In Comercial Caravaning  we know there are needs  very special.  A camper can be leisure, work and both at the same time.  Some of our brands adapt to  the wishes of our  customers   until  unexpected limits.  Furgo K  is one of them.  If we want something  different that leads us  at the end of the world this is our option.

We are talking about a  boutique vehicle with  adaptations to  the needs or hobbies of the user.  Personalization has a price, which is worth it if there is quality.  Because of that there are  what  meet Aitor Senosiain  to understand the philosophy of  their products. His training as an economist and his link with the Business School    are very compatible with your passion for  nature and  field.  The trips  with his father  Hector had  some initiatory and  This philosophy of direct contact with nature survives in the adaptations that clients request to  these "dream manipulators",  at its factory in Navarra. 

What were 4 employees in 2009 are now more than 30 and each time   make adaptations  more sophisticated.   Behind every project  there is a philosophy.   It is not only adapting a vehicle to needs.  It is also to meet the expectations that each  Username.  There is a consultancy work from Comercial Caravaning with the clients who are looking for this vehicle.

Therefore, an improvement of the suspension, a specific compartment to store your bicycles or a refrigerator to keep the  Needs for a perfect picnic in the woods are little dreams that can come true.  Installation of communication systems  and  solar energy systems are other of its great specialties.



His adaptations on Fiat or Volkwagen  attract attention in the Commercial Caravaning exhibition.  It has the flexibility to offer 3, 4 or 5 places to travel and sleep, giving the option to withdraw one of them when it is not needed. The rear seats are individual, one of them removable, which leaves a wide space for passage that we cannot find today in any vehicle on the market. It is revolutionary. The two electric beds allow us something of the utmost importance in the camper world: that the beds are always made and we do not have to assemble or disassemble anything, and that they do not prevent us from living inside the rest of the day: freeing up the space they occupy is as easy as pressing a button.  A fast, simple and effective system ...

Another strong point offered by the brand  FurgoK in most of its large volume models it is its PATENTED folding bathroom system. It has the most spacious bathroom during use and when you pick it up the smallest in its segment, creating a space for day-to-day life never seen before. Lastly, customization. Being manufacturers and working hand in hand with the best suppliers in the sector helps to create the vehicle dreamed of by each client. Tailored to your tastes and providing solutions to all your needs.

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Javier Iglesias
Javier Iglesias
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