How to avoid the heat inside the car in summer?

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Hello caravaners!

Today we want to tell you some tips and tricks that you can apply to avoid heat in your car, caravan or motorhome. In the middle of the year and especially in July and August, a vehicle parked in the sun can reach up to 70 degrees Celsius inside. As you will understand, driving like this is practically impossible: burn the seat, the steering wheel, the gear lever ...

On the other hand, it is highly dangerous to drive under such adverse weather conditions. Even if you feel capable of driving, the reality is that if you are going through a lot of heat you can become dehydrated and lose your ability to concentrate. It is even likely that you feel uncomfortable if you are sweating, wet clothes, drops on your forehead ... In short, you should NOT drive and less take a long trip if it is extremely hot inside the vehicle. So let's see how we can cool the car quickly.

How to avoid heat in the car

#1. Try parking in the shade

It may seem like a no-brainer, but leaving the rental car  or the caravan in the shade will prevent the sunlight from entering directly. Look for the shade of a tree if you are parking the car or, if you are going with the caravan or motorhome to the campsite, you can mount an awning over it that ensures that it will shade most of the time.

#2. Parasol or mat

If you have no choice but to leave the car parked in the sun, make sure to cover all the windows with sunshades. Light and heat not only enter through the front window, but also through the rear and the windows. If you really want to avoid getting heat, try to cover all the windows.

On the other hand, you can use outdoor mats instead of the inner parasol. This way you avoid even more that the heat enters.

#3. Tinted windows

If you have tinted windows, congratulations, you have a lot to win! Having tinted windows is especially interesting to prevent heat from entering.

If your car does not have them and you live in a particularly hot area, we recommend that you go dye them. You will notice the difference.

#4. Car color

Only if you are thinking about buying a car and have a personal fight with the heat, avoid choosing a car that is very dark in color. You will attract more temperature than with a white or lighter car.

#5. Protect the steering wheel

Very important! Remember that you will have to touch the steering wheel all the time and it will be very difficult to drive if it is burning. How many times have you got in the car and acted like this? It has happened to all of us at some time!

To avoid this, use a steering wheel sunscreen. You can remove it later and you will notice that even if it is hot, it will not burn as much as if you did not have it.


How to get the heat out of the car?

If you have not been able to avoid it and a lot of heat has accumulated inside the car there are a series of steps to follow to cool it down as quickly as possible.

  • To begin with, the ideal is to remove the heat that is already inside. One option is to open all the windows and turn on the fan (without the air conditioning) to blow the hot air out. Another option, if you have more time, is to open your window and open and close the passenger door to vent the hot air.
  • Once you have taken all the heat out, you can turn on the air conditioning so that the cabin cools down. Roll up the windows slightly and stay that way for a few minutes.
  • When you notice that everything is cool, close the windows and make sure you have activated the option to 'use air from inside' and not from outside. If you have automatic mode and air conditioning you can also activate it.


Other interesting tips

  1. Place a damp cloth on the center vent to ensure fresh air comes out
  2. Remember to apply sunscreen, especially on your shoulders and arms, to avoid burning yourself if the sun shines on you on a long trip
  3. Bring water and hydrate frequently. It will help you stay focused and avoid risks at the wheel
  4. Take special care with children, the elderly and pets. They are much more sensitive to heat and it is important to maintain an optimal temperature indoors.

What do you think of these tips? Are there any tricks you do that are not in the article? Leave us a comment below: -)

Have a nice trip caravaners!

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