Leisure at the campsite, what do I do to be entertained?

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Hello caravaners!

We are already like crazy on the starting grid looking forward to those vacation days that we are waiting for so much. We take our caravan, we put everything we want to take with us, we arrived at the campsite and… and…. And now what do I do?

Surely it has happened to you that you do not know what to do the camping idle hours while others are napping or when the children are bathing in the pool. Well, we bring you some options to have leisure at the campsite with which to entertain you.

Leisure at the campsite: what do I do in my free time?

We bring you 7 entertaining options so that you are distracted and have different options to practice leisure at the campsite:

#1. Read

The classic among classics. Whether it's a fat hardcover book, a lightweight, 'cool' pocket book, or you're a lover of your inseparable e-book, reading is a great way to stay entertained and pass the time. Also, if it turns out that you are reading a book of those that catch you and hook you, you will feel that the hours fly by. Whether it is novel or popular, fantastic or scientific, real or imaginary, read!

If your thing is not books, you can always turn to magazines or newspapers. Be forewarned and put 2 or 3 magazines in your travel bag that you know you will be interested in reading.

leisure at the campsite read
Read at the campsite


#2. Hobbies

The classic of classics number two: sudokus, alphabet soup, self-defined... When you go to the kiosk to get one of those magazines that you want to take, also ask for a hobby book. In addition to being inexpensive, they weigh nothing and are always there to have a good time.

Although it is not a hobby as such, we include in this section the puzzles. For some a spectacular entertainment, for others a stress, if you have a large space to prepare it you can take a puzzle with which more members of the family can also participate.

Lastly, don't forget that you can always take one goose, ludo, dominoes or any other board game. Of course, you will need a partner to play.

leisure camping hobbies
Dominoes, self-defined or Parcheesi: the classics


#3. Letters

The brisca, the tute, the cinquillo, a solitaire or the classic mus. Put a couple of decks of cards in your suitcase because at some point, surely, you will use them. If you are alone you can mark yourself a lonely and be entertained for a while. If you are two or three, there are hundreds of games to choose from. And if you foresee that, as has happened in other years, you are going to be more than 5 or 6 playing ... Put more than one deck!

Leisure at the campsite
Tute, brisca and cinquillo, which one do you prefer?


#4. Series or movies

If you are a fan of cinema and series for sure and you are subscribed to a cinema platform or series on demand, you can always download seasons of your favorite series to watch them offline or a couple of movies to ensure some fantastic times enjoying good cinema.

leisure at the campsite
Movie and popcorn, the perfect nap


#5. Crafts

You may like to write, paint, sew, make necklaces, restore furniture or whatever comes to your mind. From DIY to t-shirt yarn baskets to drawing a picture with pencil or watercolor.

Find a hobby that will keep you entertained and pack it in your suitcase before starting the trip.

leisure at the campsite
Painting, writing or listening to music while camping


#6. Cook

It may seem silly to you, but it is not! Many people find cooking entertaining and relaxing. In addition to making easy and quick recipes, you can also decide to prepare an elaborate and tasty dish. And the best thing, when it's time to eat or dinner, you will have it prepared!

leisure at the campsite
If you like to cook, you already have a lot of cattle.


#7. Take a walk

If time allows it, going for a walk or taking a route through the countryside can be a great way to pass the time. So much if you like to travel with your dog as if you go with small children Going for a walk is a great plan.

leisure in the camping walking
A good walk with the dog or with your children


What do you think of our 7 options to have leisure at the insured campsite and not get bored for a single day? Tell us about your camping experience and if you have ever done any of these activities to be entertained.

Long live the caravanning!

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