The good co-pilot: what to do and what not to do to help the driver?

Hello caravaners!

Today we want to talk about role of a good co-pilot because we think it is fundamental. Although we have a lot of years of license and we have a lot of experience driving, the fatigue after a few hours at the wheel becomes noticeable and the work of the co-driver throughout the trip is essential.

We have known some other co-pilot who slept all the way or who did not stop smoking with the window open: NO. The good copilot is constantly aware of the driver, serving you in everything you need to avoid any setback that may interfere with the normal circulation of the vehicle.

If you find yourself in the obligation to always travel alone, for example if you are a truck driver, you are also interested in reading this article about the good co-pilot: you never know when you are going to be one!

Besides, who doesn't want to be told that it has been a perfect co-pilot? Well let's get to it:

The good copilot: tips to be one of them

#1. Do not sleep!

We put this first because we know that it is one of the most difficult, but at the same time it is one of the most important. Think that the driver is going to keep his eyes fixed for at least two hours, focused on the road. In addition, the driver can not let go of the wheel, or look at the mobile if he gets bored. The driver has to drive.

Therefore, he is left without hands to do anything else. If by chance he needs whatever it is (to drink water, turn off the air conditioning or put on sunglasses) and he sees you asleep, he will get a cut and he won't want to wake you up, but deep down he needs you. You can also give conversation and encourage him to tell you a story. In short, as a good co-pilot it is very important that you stay awake throughout the trip.

#2. Accompany him

This point is closely related to the previous one: it is important that you be attentive to everything the driver needs. It doesn't mean you're on top of him or pestering him. Let's be smart and do everything in the right measure. Try asking him every so often if he needs to drink water, if he's hungry, or if the temperature is okay. The good co-pilot is next to the driver to serve him.

Another thing that can come in handy for the driver is that you give him conversation. But beware Let him speak! It is not that you start to tell him absolutely all your battles and other very long comics that end up boring him. NO. Let him intervene and express his opinion calmly. The goal is to keep the driver awake and entertained, not to bore him.

By the way, don't go to the other extreme: don't talk about 'hot' topics like football or politics. In no case do we want the driver to get angry and upset and start to get nervous. You must remain calm at all times to feel relaxed while driving.

#3. I know GPS

In the old days, when we had to find a giant map, it was more difficult to be the perfect copilot: anyone could understand each other between so many sheets and so much paper. Now, however, any good average phone has the Maps service that guides us according to the direction we mark.

It is true that many GPS 'go alone' and communicate with us in good time what is the next step to take. Many of us have driven alone and the little voice of the GPS has helped us to reach our destination. However, don't they say that four eyes see more than two? Even if the driver hears the directions and can look slightly at the directions on the screen, it will be helpful if you anticipate the GPS and tell the driver well in advance what the next turn to make or in which lane it is best to stay.

#4. Be dj

When we have been co-pilot we agree that this is one of the jobs that we like the most: the DJ. First of all, it is important that we choose a style of music that the driver likes above all. If he relaxes and concentrates listening to classical music and we love black metal, it is time to save our personal tastes for later.

Another option is that you choose some type of music that you can sing: it is a way of entertaining together and make sure the driver is awake. Of course, important: do not drive him crazy or turn up the volume to the maximum. It is important to listen to the sounds of the highway or the city while driving and having the music too loud can cause us to miss acoustic signals such as the whistle of a guard, the horn of another car or the siren of an ambulance.

#5. Gives confidence

With this point we want to say that you show yourself confident in your words, in your movements, in your decisions ... If you are on the wrong street, do not say phrases like: «Oh please, we are lost and there is no solution!"Or"We will never find a place to park!«.

It is much more important than you think that you remain calm and be confident in the situations that arise. If you are driving with snowKeep calm if you skid or if heavy hail falls on you. Also try not make big fuss or scare you easily.

#6. Assume it, you are not driving

Yes, we all think that we are the ones who drive the best and that others do the worst. Now, we tell you a secret: it's a lie. Do not teach the driver while you are sitting next to him with advice such as: "put the turn signal first" or "slow down that the car suffers."

The driver must focus on driving. Teacher classes if you want you can give them after the trip, with the engine stopped. Meanwhile, and if you really want to be a good copilot, Accept their hobbies!

#7. Alert

Obviously the driver must remain alert while driving. However, again we can bring up the saying that four eyes see more than two. You too, as co-driver, keep your attention on the road. As the kilometers advance, the driver's ability to see the 100% of the details around him will diminish. Therefore, it is interesting that we are alert to what may happen.

On the other hand, it prevents the driver from using the mobile or lighting a cigarette. Both are very dangerous. Both require us to take a hand off the wheel and take our eyes off the road for several seconds. NO DISTRACTIONS WHEN THE WHEEL.

#8. Tolls?

If you are going to stop at a toll on the way, make sure you have the money prepared so that you do not wait excessively when paying. Still, as a co-pilot, take care to roll down your windows (weather permitting) and turn down the music. As you slow down, letting in some outside air is good for cooling the environment inside the vehicle and renew the energies.

If it's raining or too cold, just open a small opening to let in some fresh air from outside. You will notice the change.

#9. Cold hot?

Another important function is to maintain the ideal temperature for driving. This is: not too cold nor too hot. First of all, if it is summer before getting into the vehicle, you must carry out a series of steps to get the heat out of the car and cool it down little by little. It is very difficult to stay focused if you are experiencing a lot of heat and you are sweating.

If, on the contrary, it was very cold, it is interesting to put a soft heating that warms us little by little. However, no matter how cold it is, we do not recommend that the driver wear a coat since it will reduce mobility and flexibility when moving arms, legs and body to maneuver while driving.

#10. Is someone else accompanying you?

We mean children or dogs.

If you travel with childrenBefore starting the trip explain to them that the driver cannot be disturbed, you cannot yell or kick the seat. Sometimes on long trips the little ones run out of patience and start to get bored and that can be a point of madness for the driver. Talk to them to keep them calm, and if you can't, you can always stop and rest to relax.

If on the contrary you travel with dogs, it is important that you ensure them well with your matching harness or in a cage. The important thing is that during the trip your pet cannot jump on the driver and scare him.

#11. Offer to drive

By last, the perfect co-pilot must offer to drive. No matter how many measures we take so that the driver keep awake you can always be more tired than at other times and need a respite. Give him a hand and ask if he wants to change for a bit.

Have you ever been a co-pilot and did most of the things on the list? Or, on the contrary, were you one of those who fell asleep as soon as you got in the car? Now you know how to earn the necessary points so that they say that you are the perfect co-pilot. Ah! And if you are a driver, don't be shy and ask your co-pilot to read this article.

Until the next caravaners!

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